Korg Monotron Duo Mods (LFO & Suboscillator)

Syntherjack shared details on his site for adding an LFO, suboscillator and more to the Korg Monotron Duo.

While the Monotron Duo mods don’t transform it into a great synth, compared to a stock Monotron Duo, it offers a lot more sonic potential. Or as he describes it, it’s “A big upgrade for this small device.”

You can view a demo of the Monotron Duo mods via the embed above. Details and schematics are available at the Syntherjack site.

8 thoughts on “Korg Monotron Duo Mods (LFO & Suboscillator)

  1. I really wish the Monotron had MIDI out so it could sync with the tempo of my DAW, especially the Montron delay. The Montron is a good little synth for the price that is really overlooked.

    1. the price would be at least double to do that
      digital converters circuits are not an easy setup
      but from what i have seen you can feed analog into these guys quite easy (the pads are marked)

  2. a lot can be done if you know what you’re doing. The labelled solder pads is just a starting point. Basically they’re giving you the beginnings of a semi modular synth. Be smart about it and you could probably use this little guys to put together a korg monotron modular for rather cheap. I’m guessing that with 3 of them being no more than 150 and components being cheap that you could pull it off (sans pretty case…try a 3d printing place or your local lumbar yard for that) for 250 pretty easy. Add in an arduino or two and a 555 “atari punk console” style and a 555 based sequencer or arduino based sequencer and you’ve got yourself something respectable. You could easily add extra functionality of all kinds with a 5 dollar arduino clone. What it does is up to your level of wizardry and how well you research things on the interwebs. Thoughts are white noise generator, extra pwm waves, sequencer, random voltage generator, LFO, independent sub osc (probably a bit lo fi though), blinky blinky pretty lights, cv in, midi in, midi out, cv out, ultrasonic or ir input, pitchbend, mod wheel, various alt input methods…you name it man. Remember though, and arduino uno will only output lo-fi wave forms or pwm. UNLESS you have some form of shield meant for making waveforms, synthesis (they exist), or sound) Happy hacking. And someone buy me a few of these so I can implement my own damn hacks.

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