Nanoloop Mono Game Boy Analog Synthesizer Demo Video

This video, via James Chip, is a short demo of the Nanoloop Mono synthesizer for Nintendo Game Boy

The Nanoloop Mono is an analog synth cartridge for the Nintendo Game Boy.

On the original Game Boy models, one pin of the cartridge connector functions as audio input, connected to the built-in amplifier. This feature makes it possible to generate sound on the cart and play it through the headphone output, with a completely analog signal path.

In the Nanoloop Mono cart, the analog components (op-amps, comparators, logic cells etc) of a PIC microcontroller are connected and configured in such a way that they form a hybrid soundchip, with 3 analog filters and a true random noise generator, using only a few passive external components.

Pricing and Availability

The Nanoloop Mono is available for pre-order for 69.00 €. See the Nanoloop site for details.

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