The Soulsby Synthesizers miniAtmegatron Is Cheap, DIY & You Can Make It In an Hour

The Soulsby Synthesizers miniAtmegatron is an 8-bit bit synthesizer kit that you can DIY in about an hour.

The kit contains:

  • miniAtmegatron shield kit. (Components / PCB / instructions)
  • MIDI-hacked Arduino Uno (clone)
  • Perspex laser-cut enclosure + fixings

Note: Some assembly required – it’s a DIY project!

The miniAtmegatron kit is available for £56.67 from the Soulsby Synth site.

9 thoughts on “The Soulsby Synthesizers miniAtmegatron Is Cheap, DIY & You Can Make It In an Hour

      1. There’s nothing wrong with mentioning something twice. Especially when it’s made by a dedicated boutique manufacturer.

        Heck, Behringer’s unreleased synth has been covered in over a dozen posts, and it’s mass market gear made in China.

      2. The new content is the 90 second video that is cited which was released 11/8. It’s reasonable to highlight the new video given the focus of this site where similar videos are frequently highlighted.

  1. there are loads of these mini synths / drum modules about, I find it really hard to understand why they dont make these euro-rack friendly right off the bat, these are just toys otherwise.

    1. How does making something a Euro module make it less of a ‘toy’?

      Based on what you see in most modular synthesizer YouTube videos, most euro synths are being used as expensive toys anyway.

  2. I bought this a while back and built it. Last time I asked they were still working on an update to help with the sequencer… it was really confusing how it worked. It sounds good though!

  3. Bought this about 6 months ago. Quick and easy kit to construct with a really fun sound. The monotron delay and OP1 make fantastic companions.
    If you plan to flash your own arduino, be sure to check it has the right USB chipset as a lot of the super cheap Chinese clones won’t work with the midi functionality.

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