Bitbox Touch Screen Eurorack Sampler Module

1010music-bitbox-side1010music has introduced bitbox, a new 26HP Eurorack sampler that lets you play back up to 16 simultaneous samples and puts CD-quality audio recording into your modular.

Recordings can be locked to the patch clock and recorded to bar/sync boundaries. For playback, you can launch any combination of up to 16 audio clips, via a touch screen grid interface. Creative options include triggering samples as loops or one-shots via MIDI, CV Gate and modulation.

Use modulation inputs to launch rows of up to four clips at a time to easily create complex, new layers of sounds. Save or load up to 12 banks of samples to microSD card, so you can easily recreate your set and/or use the samples and loops in Mac or PC applications. There’s even support for Ableton Live format.


  • Playback of up to 16 simultaneous samples from internal memory or up to 4 directly from microSD.
  • Trigger samples via touch screen, CV gate inputs, or MIDI input
  • Import or export WAV files with your Mac or PC using a microSD card (included)
  • Free samples including beats and other samples by producer Jason Donnelly (DJ Puzzle)
  • 24-bit/48kHz stereo input for high quality recordings, with stereo output and two mono effects sends
  • Stereo or mono recording with the option to synchronize start/stop times to clock inputs with a maximum recording time of up to 4 hours.
  • Multiple clip Launch Modes, including One-Shot, Toggle, Gate, and a Repeat mode to allow quantized retriggering of clips while a key is held or via the touch screen. Normal playback resumes when the key or button is released.
  • Scene Trigger, which plays back an entire row of four clips/loops at once via touch screen or modulation inputs (which can also be assigned to modulate sample start, length, or pitch)
  • Playback can be immediate or synchronized to analog or MIDI clock
  • Control of sample parameters, including start position, length, gain, loop mode, launch quantization and pitch, including pitch modulation via CV input
  • Save/recall up to 12 different banks of samples and their configuration
  • Import bitbox Presets (a 4×4 bank of samples with playback parameters) directly into Ableton Live
  • Accepts TRS MIDI input compatible with Arturia and other products
  • 26 HP Eurorack compatible. +12V: 350mA, -12V: 0mA, 5V: 0mA

Pricing and Availability:

The Bitbox is available now for US $599.95.

9 thoughts on “Bitbox Touch Screen Eurorack Sampler Module

  1. From their site, probably worth noting:
    “A key part of the team that brought to life Traktor DJ by Native Instruments, Looptastic by SoundTrends and MixMeister (now part of inMusic) has entered the Modular Synthesizer business as 1010 Music!”

    1. Yeah that’s great. Really can make a modular rig compact and cover all aspects needed with samples to play along with your creations.

  2. This module looks really cool, but I’m a bit confused why it seems to be celebrated,but the ER-301 got criticized. Luck of the draw? I personally think the more choices we have, the better, and therefore welcome all new modules.

    1. Good point. I think the modular people are helping the ER-301 designer dial it into be a specific something. It’s too soft at the moment.

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