31 thoughts on “deadmau5 Teaches Electronic Music Production

  1. Assuming that you have nothing to learn from a man who has not only made it big in a cut throat industry, but who has also finished more tracks in his passion than most of us combined, is blind ignorance.

    A fool assumes he knows everything, the wise man, knows he is but a fool with much to learn.

    1. All these negative comments……. It’s $90 ….that’s more in Australia…..
      I would pay $300 to do this course.
      It will be packed with stuff that I don’t know and I have been producing for years.
      Joel worked his way up from nothing, his music is original, and I have seen his shows.
      The dude simply didn’t take part in this bullshit waste of time online.
      I will be at the top one day……….you people will be talking about it on forums and complaining.
      I bet you all are American’s.
      You guys should spend more time voting and less time complaining.

      1. You should spend more time learning synthesis and working with your gear so you aren’t overly impressed with YouTube level instruction with a big name attached.

    2. only ignorant people say oh it will be on youtube in a month well i hate to say it buddy but these will not be on youtube in a month or two

  2. It seems like every time deadmau5 comes up on this website, there are several comments sharing how much people dislike him. Whether or not you like his music, he’s very clearly a synth nerd, and I would hope we could respect that here.

    1. Funny/sad thing is this is so true in the reality. Those successful guys just do their music, don’t bitch around about some signal theory, don’t inspect every screw in their new shiny modular, don’t factorize wave equations for (supposedly) killa FM sound. And for one, this deadroden1 doesn’t want to sell me SSL gear. This may be an interesting stuff.

  3. Of course he can play the piano and certainly uses his top gear to make music. He is just saying you do not necessarily need to spend millions to create a great tune and then he is just pulling your leg… and people fall for it. 😉

    1. “Some kid with a laptop…” is his first two records. He’s a synth nerd so he’s got synths now but don’t let _that_ fool you.

  4. How is his style called or which genre is he playing?

    I just listened to some of his tunes on yt but wasn’t overly impressed. Although his style sounds powerfull I cannot cope with it – to much mainstreamed. I’m more into dark minimal – the strict opposite.

    Anyway, as he put: he has to pay the bills

    So what!

  5. There’s a bigger picture here, and I’m very interested in how these ‘masterclass’ courses turn out. It’s not just Deadmau5 – they have (or will have) Aaron Sorkin on Screenwriting, Hans Zimmer on Film Scoring, Werner Herzog on Filmmaking, Dustin Hoffman on Acting, Annie Leibovitz on Photography, and a number of others. The production values are very high, and the producers seem to be targeting lessons that are entertaining and also truly educational. The Aaron Sorkin class won’t turn me into Aaron Sorkin – but I’m fairly sure I’d learn from it. Same with Deadmau5: I’m not his biggest fan, but I’d bet … uh, probably $90 … that his masterclass thing is worth it.

    If you can find a person at the top of their field, and get them to talk about their job that they love – the result is almost always fascinating.

  6. A lot of people dislike him because he stand up for his beliefs. He did accomplish amazing things and honestly he understand what most people cant. Even though this is not my only grasping of music production it is definitely a gift to learn from him.

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