Korg iWavestation Brings Classic Wavestation Sound To iOS

korg-iwavestation-ipadKorg has introduced iWavestation – software version of its classic Wavestation synthesizer.

The Wavestation synthesizer was introduced in 1990, with a new “advanced vector synthesis system”, which combined and shifted between multiple complex waveforms. The user could operate a joystick to “mix” or “morph” between four oscillators, each with a waveshape selected from a large collection of waveforms.

With iWavestation, Korg says that it has ‘evolved the operability’ of the Wavestation from the Korg Legacy Collection. The original editing structure has been preserved, while giving you a redesigned graphical user interface that takes advantage of the intuitive operation possible with iPad.


  • An evolved Wavestation sound
  • New graphical WAVE SEQUENCE operation
  • 1,500 sounds, including the option PCM/Program cards
  • ย Interoperable with the Original Wavestation

Pricing and Availability

Korg iWavestation is available now, with an introductory price of US $19.99 (33% off).

50 thoughts on “Korg iWavestation Brings Classic Wavestation Sound To iOS

  1. Korg is SO on top of things. They feel the pulse of the market, of what people would desire, and they deliver on all fronts. How many years has Korg been on this roll? MANY.

  2. On one hand, this is something like Animoog in that you are crossfading between different oscillator shapes. Animoog has what 8×8? something like that. If I kind of use that analogy then this is 2 x 2. But I realize that’s not a entirely fair comparison. They are clearly very different beasts with different workflows and interfaces.

    The Wavestation sure has its own distinct personality. Hmmm. I’m weakening….

  3. The original Mac AU Wavestation plugin was a mess. Absolutely buggy. Maybe this iPad version comes from another team and brings me my beloved Wavetable layer sounds! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. My main issue with all of the Korg Legacy plugins (at least the AU version) is that they refuse to acknowledge how brutally inadequate the GUIs are. Almost impossible to see, and the iOS versions incomparably more fun to work with. Too bad, They sound great. Such a weird blend of developer. Such brilliant parts within the whole Korg machine, but so inaccessible as far as addressing user requests. On the balance, I am a fan, but never a fanboy.

  4. I still have my original Wavesration SR(I had 3 at one time), which I still use and love, so this was a no brainer for me. Korg continues to nail it with awesome iPad apps. Bravo!

    1. I have an SR as well. Have you had a chance to sort out exactly what they mean by “Interoperable with the Original Wavestation”? Can you use it as a remote programmer? Dump single patches? Dump banks? Wave sequences? Bidirectionally?

      1. Manual is up so I have my answers. It can import sysex dumps from the original hardware and it will export sysex the original hardware can read. Sadly, those exports have to be imported via iTunes and sent to the hardware manually.

    1. Its much different. Has 4 tracks with up to 16 steps and you can add different sounds by step and track. Each sound is customizable with pitch, velocity etc. Overall a much deeper app plus you get Gadget integration.

      1. Correction: That’s 32 oscillators and up to over hundred waveseq steps per layer ๐Ÿ˜‰ Ridiculous layering capability IMO, but in the nicest way possible!

  5. I had a Wavestation EX for years that was one of my all-time favorite synths. I didn’t like the Mac AU WS plugin, but this new app sounds great running on my iPhone 6.

  6. I wonder what Dave Smith thinks of this. The UI so beautifully illustrates the synthesis engine in a way the hardware versions never could have.

    1. You wonder what Dave thinks because he is currently in the “knobby hardware synth” business? Or because of Dave’s history with “vector synthesis”, the Prophet-VS, and the original Wavestation?

  7. I sold my WaveStation A/D but still have my SR. Best rack synth for Pads ever made as far as I’m concerned. I always layered it on top of things. The evolving sounds always gave movement.

      1. Milpitas is where the former Sequential Circuits team worked to develop the original Wavestation. Nice hat tip on Korg’s part.

    1. Not sure if that would be smart. This is an already reduced price. On Black Friday it will be the price you see now or higher. I find korg apps on the pricey side too. They sound cool no doubt. But others sound cool too. Like the Sunrizer app. And the cost 10 euros without discount. This one will be 40 after the introductory offer will be over. 40 euros i find a bit very much, too much. It feels like they make the prices the same way used 808 and 303 hardware is being sold. You pay being romantic. Not too long Ozone 6 Advanced costed 1000 euros or something and some people bought it. Now it costs 500. Why is that? It`s not even something matterial where you could say “silicon got cheaper” Was programming development cost lower because they hired smarter people?… ๐Ÿ™‚ Even though i like the Korg app , there are a few apps in this price range which i can`t justify purchasing because they add up to more than my i-pad costs. Same way i wouldn`t purchase 3-4 Ozone Advanced price range software thingies when there are other affordable ways to have the same end result. Mainly because i don`t want to support this kind of elitairy market. Before you know it ios apps will be costing 100 euros. This is one of the moments that i am glad i am no fanatic of any specific product at all and also glad that we have a free market

  8. Another brilliant synth. My Korg Gadget studio gets better and better. This synth is awesome, and as far as i am concerned if you want to make music on the ipad just get Korg Gadget, you dont need anything else, its a power house of synths. Keep these synths comming Korg, cant wait for the next one!

  9. I bought an original model Wavestation from Chuck Levin’s back in 1990, and it remains one of my favorite synthesizers ever. I’ll want to listen to some demos of this new iOS-based version, but if it’s The Real Thing – then $19.95 is a no-brainer.

  10. Nice Surprise.a month ago I was thinking of going for a Korg Hardware Odyssey, But fortunately went the route of getting anI PAD Pro, after seeing the IOS ARP Odyssey,The iWavestation makes the choice seem better.Korg are really well placed to make a host hardware device for the iPAD pro that provides the Hands on ,Knob turning tactile,keyboard stuff. seems like a no brainer to me ..go on Korg just do it ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Man… sounds just like the soulless, early 90’s cheese that was thrust upon my eardrums day after day on the school-bus. Yay.

      1. Admin: Neptune Yer Guitar & Leslie

        I deleted a comment from each of you that stepped over the line into being a personal attack.

        Keep your comments on topic and constructive. We encourage vigorous discussions and differing opinions, but we expect readers to be able to do that without personal attacks, mocking each other, etc.

  12. Stunningly close in sound to my WS SR, and a heck of a lot easier to edit. I managed to repair a corrupted performance preset on my hardware by looking up the same performance on the app, and then bravely edited through the letterbox on my module. KORG have carried over all the original RAM and ROM sounds, including all parameters, Awesome, grab it while it is on offer. In answer to the comment above, vector sequencing of PCM sounds do lend it something of the Kawai character. It does sound horribly dated if you rely on some of the overused presets, the tine, chuff, breathy things were well overworked in their day. But it’s an instrument,, a complicated one at that,and you need to work it into your own sonic signature by using it intelligently.

  13. “… soulless, early 90โ€™s cheese…” , well, sure there is no analog warmth of the ’70s and early ’80s sounds we all love (same in the iM1)… however, I’ve just bought the app ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. Fortunately it works on my iPad 4, unlike the recently released Odessei which only works on newer devices. Gadget just keeps on getting better with each new synth Korg adds, and while I was a bit daunted by the complexity of this app, it’s pretty straight forward once you get familiarized with it. Now I just need the nanokeystudio controller and I won’t be seen for awhile.

  15. Seriously an iPad app?! Man, nothing is sacred. So lame. They should at least update the VST version that came out like 10 years ago. But no…we get a stupid iPad app.

    1. Not lame for folks like me who never used VST or DAWs and like iPad apps. Just saying that platforms are a matter of personal preference.

  16. So, to get it to work with Link you have to get Gadget first. Clever buggers!
    This would have been a no-brainer if it had Link.
    If the MIDI is the same as on the iM1 then it’s hardly worth buying, it’s just going to be sitting on the iPad like a coldsoar.

  17. Can anyone tell me how to get something like a wavestation, but a version of it that can use your own custom PCMs? I’m in love with the synthesis method itself, but find most of the PCMs to be too samey and lacking scope for my needs. I mean, you got too many EP like PCMs but hardly any PCMs suitable for hihats/shakers etc..

    1. IIRC there was a hardware device that went into the RAM card slot called SAM something or other. I never had one though…

  18. My WS A/D died and lost all my lovingly through the letterbox programmed sounds. Will this work on iPad2 (or must I be joking?)

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