Korg Kaossilator Now Available For Android

Korg has introduced Kaossilator for Android, a port of their iKaossilator app for iOS.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

The iKaossilator app for iOS became an enormous hit when it was released in 2011, and now it’s available as an Android app.

“KORG Kaossilator for Android” is a synthesizer app that lets anyone enjoy full-fledged instrumental performance simply by freely moving their finger across the touch panel. From electronic sounds to acoustic instruments and drums, you can play a wide range of sounds with a single finger.

Also provided is a sequencer that’s indispensable for creating songs, so you can create tracks by recording and layering your performances.


  • Perform using touch gestures: Kaossilator uses the unique X-Y interface. Create melodies and phrases simply by stroking, tapping, or rubbing the touch screen with your finger.
  • 150 diverse sounds covering many music styles: Use the 150 built-in sounds to perform and produce a broad range of dance music styles including EDM, hip-hop, house, techno, dubstep, nu-disco, and electro.
  • Scale/Key feature eliminates any wrong notes: The Scale setting ensures that the notes of your performance will stay in the key you’ve specified. Choose from 35 different scales including chromatic, major, minor, and even blues scales.
  • Loop sequencer for easy track-making and live performance: The built-in loop sequencer lets you layer up to five musical parts. By recording sounds such as synth, bass, chords, sound effects, and drums into each part, you can quickly complete original loop tracks that are distinctively your own.

Android 5.0 or later required.

Pricing and Availability

Kaossilator for Android is available now in Google Play for US $9.99.

13 thoughts on “Korg Kaossilator Now Available For Android

  1. Will Google ever get its act together on Android audio?

    This is coming to Android 5 years after it came to iOS – and the state of music apps on Android is even further behind.

    It’s sort of pathetic, since Android is great in a lot of ways. But, even if you bought the best Android tablet/phone, your stuck with something that can’t handle audio as well as a 5 year old iPhone.

    1. I was under the impression that the audio latency of Android was just baked into the cake. And that there really wasn’t any way around it. But perhaps that was just an impression given from one particular article I read. I have an android phone because I like the freedom to move files to and from. I have an iPad, because I was required to have one for a job. I have an enduring love/hate for it.

  2. Are they ice skating in hell?
    (it is frozen over)
    because one of the biggest request post on Korg’s website is for “”android please”” has come though

    1. first of all the existence of android people is a myth, AI has not progressed that far yet and if they did exist due to their utilitarian view I would suspect that a system of currency would be both inefficient and counter productive to the furthering of the synthetic race.

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