Eurorack Ambient Music

Sunday Synth Jam: In this live Eurorack modular synth performance, synthesist Björn Bommersheim creates a blissful ambient performance, dedicated to his wife.

“This Eurorack modular patch is dedicated to my beloved wife. Mausezähnchen,” notes Bommersheim. “I love you more than words could tell … so here is my love transformed into a little recording.”

Technical Details:

Mutable Instruments Rings
Expert Sleepers Disting
Doepfer A-149-1
Mutable Instruments Clouds
Mutable Instruments Braids
Frequency Central System X Filter
Electro Harmonix Memory Boy Deluxe

3 thoughts on “Eurorack Ambient Music

  1. Very nice indeed. I’ve been investigating a similar path with a lot more empty space. I’m inspired by the idea of ‘deep listening’

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