Laser Mammoth Promises To Make Old MIDI Synths Awesome Again

Numerisch has introduced F0F7 – LASER Mammoth SysEx Librarian, an online synth librarian that they say will make your old MIDI synths awesome again.

LASER Mammoth is a SysEx Librarian that lets you:

  • Reorder sound patches
  • Rename patches on your synth
  • Delete sounds
  • Share sounds to the Mammoth SysEx Cloud.

Currently, these synths are supported:

  • Access Virus
  • Casio CZ-101 / CZ-1000
  • Clavia Nordlead
  • Dave Smith Instruments Poly Evolver
  • Dave Smith Instruments Mopho [beta]
  • Dave Smith Instruments OB-6 [beta]
  • Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 08
  • Intellijel Cylonix Rainmaker
  • Korg DW-8000
  • Korg microKORG [experimental]
  • Moog Voyager
  • Novation Bass Station 2
  • Oberheim Matrix 6 / 6R / 1000
  • Roland JD 800
  • Roland JV-80
  • Sequential Prophet 6
  • Strymon Timeline
  • Waldorf Music Blofeld
  • Yamaha DX7

Pricing and Availability

LASER Mammoth is available now. Both free and paid versions are available.

13 thoughts on “Laser Mammoth Promises To Make Old MIDI Synths Awesome Again

  1. Finally a good patch librarian or so I thought. But it’s a cloud-based service. No, you’re not getting my patches, no I’m not paying you $20 a year.

    I don’t understand why everything has to go subscription- and cloud-based. Just give me a good client, let me choose my own cloud service or ftp for collaborations and be done with it.

    1. Wait, its cloud-based renewable fee service? For synths of a pre-internet world. Forget it. Keep synths on a closed network for best results. Modern-network integration (and cloud-based) is not good when you want to jam, record, or perform and have to deal with updates. I prefer closed network so cloud-based is worst option and subscription service is a no.

      But I think it would be cool if a more prominent repository of vetted sysex patches existed. I would just prefer to download, save and transfer with MIDI-OX. Easy.

  2. Cloud / Subscription-based? Who the hell did they build this for?

    What a stupid idea.

    EDIT: The GUI / branding are so cringe. Ugh

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