Studio Tour With Junkie XL

Junkie XL (Tom Holkenborg) has shared a series of videos, offering a tour of his studio and gear, which features rare vintage gear, analog and digital classics, massive modular synthesizers and more.

Holkenborg has used his massive synth collection on a string of films scores, with recents soundtracks including Deadpool, Mad Max: Fury Road, Batman v Superman, Black Mass and others. 

Here’s the tour of his second room:

Here’s a look at his Club Of The Knobs modular synth and an example of how he used it on his recent Distance Between Dreams soundtrack:

And here’s a look at his Emulator II+ HD and how he used it in the Distance Between Dreams soundtrack:

In the last video, Holkenborg explains some of the decision-making his choices for the synths of the Deadpool soundtrack and also how he used iconic synth sounds within the score:

11 thoughts on “Studio Tour With Junkie XL

    1. Is it a bit much? Yes, seemingly it is, yet he is a professional and this is his craft, and livelihood. I would have someone address their profession with professional tools. That said, and whilst I cannot stand modular synthesis as I find it regressive, perhaps being surrounded by all these electronic instruments serves to be inspiring as well.

  1. Jesus, how does he decide which synth to use? Surely there are overlaps. He could lose half of it and still have a plethora of sound sources. To each his own though. It has to be nice to walk into room full of amazing gear each day.

  2. got a little light headed watching this, geeeez! amazing. very cool that he has it, cares for it and actually utilizes all of these things in his music which is excellent. class act.

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