Secrets Of The Synth Bike 2.0

In this video, UK synth DIYer Sam Battle of Look Mum No Computer demos his Synth Bike 2.0 and explains the details of its construction. 

Synth Bike 2.0 is a 1973 Raleigh Bicycles Chopper, with a drum machine/sampler/analog synth built into it in the front panel and top of the frame.

Tempo can be controlled by a built in clock tempo, or the front wheel, so the faster or slower you go the faster or slower the music goes.

Drums live inside a SparkFun Electronics, Inc. Wav Trigger. It has a total of 8 Arduino Nano’s in it. and a bit of Music From Outer Space LLC Echo Rocket to soften the edges.

via Sonic State

7 thoughts on “Secrets Of The Synth Bike 2.0

  1. I can just imagine, Sam being stopped by UKs finest PC Plodd,”Ello ,Ello,No then Sonny -Jim , has your bike got a bell to alert other Road users and Pedestrian?”….OKay so this is what a U.K. Policeman of circa 1973 would say.All it really needs is some Dennis Waterman Song Sampler playback….Brilliant INvention.Thanks

  2. Some enterprising young writer should pen an 80’s period script based around this prop. A Peewee’s Big Adventure meets Goonies type thing.

  3. I want one … I’m a keyboard player and resident mad cyclist but the rest of the guys in my band are just sloths … I can see this bike giving us a crucial edge over other local bands AND getting the rest of the guys super-fit at the same time (they’ll either have to jog alongside as we play or we have to make a drum-bike/guitar-bike).
    Happy days.

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