Turn An Roland AIRA FX Eurorack Module Into A Bassline Synthesizer

Roland’s Aira Eurorack effects modules are unique in the way that their internal effects engine can be completely repatched using a multi-platform patch editor.

Synthesist Gianni Proietti (aka Gattobus) shared this video in which he demonstrates how to repatch two of the modules to creates a step sequencer and a bassline synth engine.

The AIRA Modular Customizer is is a free download for iOS, Android, Mac & Windows.

12 thoughts on “Turn An Roland AIRA FX Eurorack Module Into A Bassline Synthesizer

  1. This is actually very cool, even if it is rather weird.

    I know that Roland doesn’t have the small Eurorack manufacturer cachet, but these modules have been selling cheaply at my local music emporium. Seems like a great way to get an entire synth/fx unit in a single affordable module. And it includes a power supply and USB connectivity!

    1. Are you from Montreal? They were 170$ instead of 300$ and I ended up buying three of them (the only one I didn’t get is the Torcino). I tried to restrain myself but for this price I just could not.

      1. They’re actually on sale all across Canada, not just at Moog Audio. Roland is having a blowout on their boutique synths, too – they’re priced from CAD $299. Trying *very* hard to resist those.

  2. The software looks great. These would have been far more appealing if Roland had just marketed them as open ended modular devices in the first place.

  3. The ARIA FX just went totally under the radar as they were launched with a bunch of other stuff. The FX that they come preconfigured with are almost irrelevant, these are fully programmable 96K Eurorack Modules for (currently) under £140 quid…Roland totally screwed up the launch, marketing and support for these amazing units, they were totally crying out for a dedicated site/patch area.

  4. Also, can the ones with the same physical layout be turned into each other? So can I buy a Bitrazer and turn it into a Demora? Or are there internal differences or software editor differences? Ta

    1. Sadly, no. On the software side, each module has an effects slot that cannot be changed, and six open slots that can be changed by the user. Also, the Scooper has a third momentary switch, but does not have the attenuators on knobs 1 and 2 like the others.

  5. I still can’t get over the power consumption of these for eurorack use, 450mA +12V each and 21hp. I saw a tear down and it has 7 power IC’s inside. Hopefully Roland will do a more efficient (both space and power) modules if they continue eurorack. I am assuming it is one of the reasons they are liquidating them and probably will discontinue the product soon.

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