9 thoughts on “Vintage Casio FZ-1 Sampler Has That Wonky ‘Squonk’

  1. If you’re looking for cross between a Juno and Sampler, you should check out the Korg DSS-1! Real analog filters, preset waveforms and ability to draw them as well. Dual digital delays.

  2. So yesterday there was Synthtopia article on DX7 and DX9 , I blurbed about owning DX9, and yes FZ-1. I had an FZ-1 back in the late 80s, being a desperate wannabe sort of person.[cannon fodder earlier adopter]Carried it home from the Railway station [cos I didn’t have a car then], it weighs a tonne by the wayIt was great at the time , took hours of time noodling with samples and looping. Best thing was the wooden bass sound with Piano, and Choirs.Worst thing was trawling around for samples and sample CDs, paying stupid money for these Sample libraries. However you could do a lot with 2MB of sample time in those days.Well thats all we had back then..We’ll, early in the 90s , It decided to stop working . It is actually the only piece of equipment that has died on me in 35 years .Thanks for a great video of the FZ-1.

  3. I also gave it up as a bad job. I don’t really like swearing myself, but have a small child and don’t really want him hearing it either.

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