iVCS3 Updated To Version 2

apeSoft has released iVCS3 Version 2 – a major update to the iOS EMS VCS3 software synthesizer.

The update adds support for the iPhone/iPod touch, AU support, new input and output options, Bluetooth and more.

The EMS VCS3 was one of the first portable synthesizers and has been used prominently by Pink Floyd, Jean Michel Jarre, Klaus Schulze, The Who and many others.

Here’s what’s new in version 2:

  • Support for iPhone/iPod Touch
  • Support for AudioUnit V3, separate modules: VCO, VCF, SPRING, ENV, VCA, NOISE
  • New Input/Mic/Sampler Envelope Follower
  • New Sequencer Reset/Randomize Functions
  • New AudioShare support
  • AudioCopy SDK 3.4
  • Midibus 1.38 SDK
  • New Bluetooth A2DP High Quality
  • New Presets Manager Search Bar
  • New Control Manager Search Bar
  • New Samples Manager Search Bar
  • New ‘Save Preset As… in’ function permits you to chose a Bank where save it
  • New ‘Create Random Sound’ can modulate the random percentage and bypassing some critical parameters
  • Receive remote MIDI Clock, bug fixed
  • Audiobus Sequencer Play/Stop fixed with Ableton Link
  • Envelope Signal scale fixed
  • Mute switches are now Smoothed
  • Two SEQUENCER Parameters have been added to Control Manager
  • SpectralScope Amp/Time fixed
  • Startup crash fixed with no Internet connection
  • The Oscilloscope input is always an audio despite the Voltometer setting
  • IAA ZOMBIE bug fixed
  • iOS 10 SDK

Pricing and Availability

iVCS3 Version 2 is available in the App Store for US $14.99.

If you’ve used iVCS3, leave a comment and let us know what you think of it!

7 thoughts on “iVCS3 Updated To Version 2

  1. I first started playing a VCS3 in about 1974. Actually it was a Synthi AKS, the more portable “suitcase” version of the VCS3. Two years later I was studying at a college that had an actual VCS3, so I was actually using two of these babies. The VCS3 was stolen. But I continued with the AKS for 20 years or so. It was my main axe. I LOVED it, and I know its capabilities and sound quality very, VERY well. So I speak with some authority here.

    The IVCS3 ap is amazing. It closely duplicates the original in terms of sound quality and offers mostly identical functionality. But it also adds numerous features such as the audio file player, the step sequencer and MIDI capability, among many others.

    They call this a “major update”, but the latest version is not really an expansion in terms of the programs operation as a synthesizer. Where this update shines is in its auxiliary functions. It adds more functionality as far as its ability to work with other programs (AU, updated Audiobus, Audioshare support, etc.). File management is has also been improved. The sound quality remains amazing insofar as it just plain SOUNDS like a real VCS3. These are welcome improvements, but there are no major changes in the way the program works as far as producing sound.

    As far as that goes, I doubt this program could get any better without simply blowing the whole point of the exercise, which is to make a legendary synthesizer available for a meager 15 bucks!! So if you ever wanted to own a VCS 3, but cannot afford one (old, beat up, used ones actually cost MORE now than they did when they were brand new 30 or 40 years ago) or even if you cannot find one that still works, you cannot do better than to buy iVCS3. It remains one of the best or even THE best old-school, virtual classic synthesizer aps ever created.

  2. Although it’s nice and fun to see iVCS3 appear on the iPhone, one thing that is immediately apparent is how ridiculous skeuomorphism has become. On my iPhone 5, try operating the joystick and the Attack/trigger button at the same time. And I haven’t even got particularly wide fingers either. This makes iVCS3, unless operated on phones such as the 6+ pretty much inoperable.

    1. I would recommend you get an iPad. If you are serious about making music and don’t want a room full of gear, either use a computer, laptop, or iPad. Most apps work on both iPhones and iPads, but I wouldn’t bother with any of my favorite apps on a tiny phone, powerful though it might be. It’s just too small of a screen to articulate your intentions.

      1. i have a room full of gear and I would still say get an iPad. with the apps available, it’s literally the kitchen sink when it comes to what sounds you can get out of it.

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