Endorphines Grand Terminal Eurorack Module Now Available

Endorphines has released the Grand Terminal – a complex Eurorack module that, paired with an oscillator, can make up a complete synth voice.

Key Features:

  • 26 HP, 1” in depth – super slim and Shuttle friendly
  • Dual multi-mode filter (ladder, diode, vactrol, state-variable lp/hp/bp and comb) in dual, stereo and serial modes
  • Dual AD/ASR/looping envelope generator that acts as band-limited oscillator when cycling at linear slopes
  • Stereo “Cabin Pressure” processor with different ambient effects: from shimmered halls and reverberations to a spring simulation over tape/ping-pong delays to a chorus
  • Separate mono modular level output and stereo line level output for direct line recording or driving the headphones.
  • Easy firmware update via USB
  • And of course fully compatible with GatewayT_XP
  • I/O: 48 kHz 16 bit audio

Here’s the official intro video:

See the Endorphines site for more info.

3 thoughts on “Endorphines Grand Terminal Eurorack Module Now Available

    1. I actually prefer the unconventional naming. It can lend itself to happy accidents before becoming used to a new instrument.

  1. Quite like the naming and style.Its FUN.Good idea to put in Buchla LPG functionality.Noticeable that quite a few manufacturers are doing this.Nice to see a collection of modules in one unit.

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