Arturia MiniFilter V A Free Filter Plugin, Inspired By The Classic Moog Filter Sound

Arturia has released MiniFilter V – a free filter plugin, designed to work with any DAW.

The 24dB/oct Ladder filter also features a sample and hold and step sequencer, for additional creative possibilities. 

The video demonstrates using Arturia MiniFilter V in a variety of ways:

00:24 – Powerful Ladder Filter (Used on an acoustic guitar)
01:02 – Intuitive Step Sequencer (Used on an electric guitar)
01:40 – Creative Inspiration (Used on a general Mix)
02:09 – Layer & enrich your sound (Used on a Piano)
02:38 – Cut through the mix (Used on Vocals)
03:12 – True Analog Emulation (Used on a Drum machine)
03:47 – Full MIDI control (Used on a Bass)
04:17 – Wide ranging, dynamic controls (Used on a Drum Kit)

MiniFilter V is a free download (account required) from the Arturia site.

34 thoughts on “Arturia MiniFilter V A Free Filter Plugin, Inspired By The Classic Moog Filter Sound

  1. I installed it on my retina MBP and the interface window is cartoonishly tiny. It’s got to be a mistake. All text is unreadable. It’s bad enough that Arturia will need to fix it. I tested the AU and other than having to fly blind on the interface, I was able to random call up presets and it does work.

    The vid does cover the envelope follower in any detail. I’d’ve liked to hear that on the electric bass track.

    1. If you go in the menu at the top left, you can change the size (200% is the last option) and the plug-in becomes readable on a retina.

  2. Does anyone else get super bummed when a VST or plugin is depicted as a piece of hardware? Breaks my heart a little every time. I would buy all the gadgets in Korg gadget. And this. I would buy all that stuff. All the music toys. I know a lot of them are based on real things. I still want them.

    1. Yes, but when it’s free, I don’t mind as much. Still, I wish there was something like the Roland System 8, only that would allow me to load it with any VSTi.

  3. The good thing about GUIs looking like HW is that it’s very easy to understand for people used to work with HW. Familiar. There are obvious downsides too. So – the best will always user configurable GUIs. At 58 I do thank Arturia for making it scalable tho’. Just waiting for Propellerheads to do something similar to their rack. The Arturia gift is installed and tested. Nice plugin. Most likely I can do the same with my V-collection, but having the filter at hand like this is nice. Merry Christmas!

      1. No, it doesn’t work in Reason. What was said is that Propellerheads should update Reason to size the modules in the rack so that there are readable in 2016. They are still with same resolution as when it debuted in 2000 !

  4. This is better than 90% of the plugins i’ve ever bought. So intuitive and sounds beautiful. Genuinely struggling to think of reasons to patch in my waldorf miniworks after using this for the last few hours.

  5. Sounds meh,
    If it was any good it wouldn’t be free
    That mini was free some years ago
    Arturias code just isn’t state of the art anymore
    Ist 10 years old stuff

      1. Pfff, have you ever heard an analog filter?
        Have you listened to what cytomic, NI, beepstreet is doing?
        I don’t think so.
        Have fun with your pretty pictures.

  6. This filter sounds very good. No matter what some haters want to say. Other than that their Synths prices on the other hand…. They are on offer 50% off. Still cost like 70-80. I find this over the top. I guess i will never understand software prices. Some people justify buying a plugin for 200 euros but i still find it crazy. Why? Because it is only Development cost. You don`t have any manufacturing cost once you have the Product. You can replicate it without any cost. So yes i don`t get the price tags. Especially when others seem to be able to make a decent sounding plugins from anything like 0 till 20-40 Euros. Thats why i don`t like Elitist software like N.I and would never buy their stuff again.

    1. In fact, software development costs can be quite huge. Take an extreme example: the development of Google Search (software) is much much more expensive that the production of any synth. So high prices can be sometimes justified for software as for hardware (especially if there is only a small market). While being a developer myself, I have no cue what amount of work is needed to (try to) recreate a hardware synth as a plugin. So I cannot evaluate if the prices asked by Arturia are justified or not. But saying that something must be “cheap” because it is software appears to me as an error.

  7. This thing is awesome, thanks for the freebie Arturia! I’ve got loads of good sounding filters on tap, but the envelope in this one if very responsive, and the sequencer is an A+ touch that my other filter don’t have. love it

  8. good for the most part, however the overdrive is a joke. ive been playing with it and the best I could describe it is it adds a little saturation. in some instances it seems like it actually has the reverse effect – sounds are louder and more colored without the drive turned up.
    its nothing like say, the UAD moog filter, which can add slight color to absolute destruction if you push the drive up.

    the real gem in this plugin is the sequencer.
    fun to use, easy and lightweight on the cpu.

    its a good plugin, especially at free.99.

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