GeoShred Version 2 Adds MIDI, MPE Support & More

Wizdom Music has released GeoShred Version 2, an update that adds MIDI/MPE support, new effects and additional model control parameters.

GeoShred is an expressive musical instrument that combines a multi-touch performance surface with an advanced physical model of a guitar, based on physical modeling research of Dr. Julius O. Smith III of Stanford/CCRMA.

With GeoShred’s physical modeling synthesis, you can achieve realistic guitar sounds that bend, stretch and manipulate the sound into endless possibilities. You can explore, edit and control the physics of a guitar model – including solid or hollow body, nylon or metal strings, pick position, harmonics and more.


  • A fluidly expressive playing surface coupled with a Physically modeled guitar
  • MIDI IN/OUT and MPE support
  • MIDI control using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, virtual MIDI and all digital interfaces including the TASCAM iXR and iConnectivity
  • MIDI configuration presets
  • Customizable control surface that can be mapped to physical MIDI Controls
  • Inter-App Audio and Audiobus support.
  • Multiple Modeled effects
  • Modeled feedback and VCF effects
  • Echo, a unique looper and multi-tap echo
  • Finger vibrato, slide and fret scraping
  • Unique mono mode using intervals of multiple strings.
  • Built in Arpeggiator
  • Alternative tunings
  • Intelligent pitch rounding
  • Easily share presets with friends

Here’s Jordan Rudess, using GeoShred to play Greensleeves:

Pricing and Availability

GeoShred is available now for US 24.95 (intro price, through Feb 1, 2017. Normally $29.95).

7 thoughts on “GeoShred Version 2 Adds MIDI, MPE Support & More

  1. ah normal price of 24 then raised price of 29
    not to be picky but this was the only app ever on sale (at 19) but it was very short 3days and none of the other apps ever do
    only interesting sale is the one 1 4 pack

  2. Having just got my IPAD pro 12.9 , I personally would not attempt this , ..Icy conditions , sloping seating, Icy slope leading into running Water , lots of rocks, especially when two handed finger tapping shredding is attempted.If this was me trying to do this …there would be a lithium Ion battery explosion as the iPad slips from grasp and into the water.Thanks for this

  3. As a longtime fan of Mugician and Geo Synth, I really wish you could add more “strings” layers to Geo Shred, just like there are 7 and 8 strings guitars.

  4. Sounds good but – looked pretty cold, too!

    So – I can drive GeoShred 2 with my ROLI 25 / 49 *and* with my Linnstrument? (I’ll try to find some time to test tomorrow).

    I’ve had GeoShred since shortly after it came out; I don’t remember what I paid for it, but I appreciate that I’m getting the version 2 function for free. Honestly – I’m as much of a cheapskate as the next guy, but I wouldn’t mind paying for additional function on most Wizdom apps.

  5. I love it!!! this is one of the most expressive instruments on the IPad!
    However I wonder if instead of the notes going A>B>C>D why not have an option to go D<C<B<A?? What I do is I turn the IPad upside down so I see all the notes upsidedown and the effects are inverted XD so its kind of awckward but its playable, or I just try to hold the IPad like a guitar buts its hard to hold it like that and I cant see the notes without having some neck pain after a while.

    Also I know this app has some strumming options but It just doesnt feel natural to me being a hobbist guitar player and I was thinking maybe if we had some adjustable size strumming strip on the far left or far right of the notes section (have both options as people who play with the right hand can strum with the left hand) to make it feel more natural.
    This is me Just dreaming but if the strumming strips could detect when you do a percussive slap (don't know if that is how its called but is the rythmic slap you do to the strings to stop the strings sound) then this would be even a more expressive instrument XD

    I know there are really good apps out there for struming chords but I havent seen one with "percussive slap"
    and seeing how the Devs did some Black Magics with the code on this app if someone could do it, it would be them 😀

    I Hope Mr. Jordan Rudess and the good devs at MoForte’s see this post, but even without my dream features this app is a must have for musicians!!! a very very Expressive Instrument.

    Happy Shredding 😀

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