Futuresonus Parva Synth Hands-On Demo

This video, via ProckGnosis, takes a look at the Futuresonus Parva polyphonic analog synthesizer.

It’s not intended to be a review – but, rather a preview of the Parva’s sonic capabilities. 

Key Features:

  • Eight voice polyphonic synthesizer with flexible voice assignment
  • Three oscillators per voice
  • Flexible dual filters
  • 4 LFOs
  • 100% analog signal path
  • Digital patch management and control
  • USB master port so you can connect USB MIDI controllers directly to it
  • Aluminum case and knobs

Pricing and Availability

The Futuresonus Parva is available for pre-order for US $999.00,

17 thoughts on “Futuresonus Parva Synth Hands-On Demo

  1. Yes, I’m sure that with a decent MIDI controller and/or an expressive keyboard it would be a great thing to play but adding a Linnstrument doubles the price!
    As it is it’s a box of tricks not a musical instrument to my way of thinking, I accept other have different priorities/preferences…….

    1. It’s what you do with it that Makes it an instrument not what it is.
      Anything can be an instrument if you intend it to be !! there are no rules, only options. If getting a controller is beyond you (there are many available) then maybe stick to playing the guitar or your floor boards like drums…. but let’s wonder fir a second….

      your guitar will need strings to behave like a guitar is intended, but is it still an instrument without them?! Or is it just a box of magic tricks?

      a car needs wheels to drive, but is it not still a car without them?!

      What a load of nonesense. 🙂

      All the merry best to ya tho.

    2. While I see your point about the “musical instrument” argument, electronic music would not have develop the way it has without a vast array of trick boxes… And it’s still called electronic “music”

      1. My point was merely an instrument is a tool that makes sound…. and sound is what defines it, not its form or function specifically…. I didn’t think I’d mentioned music.

        if we didn’t have today’s advancements we would still have sound and so, instruments. music is a certain style of organising sounds, it’s not a recent thing, neither is dancing …. we’d still have it without today’s advancements in cheap electronic boxes of magic tricks…. its just there wouldn’t be as much (Shite)

        You can can create electronic music with non electronic sounds as much as you can create acoustic music using a computer and software ….

        Still tho, Saying a synthesiser is something other than instrument because it doesn’t have a keyboard attatched to it is being obtuse beyond reason and deserved calling out. 🙂
        Like when people thought a synth was a computer that made music for you by pushing a buttOn. Thankfully tho, we have moved on.

  2. Tis a sad world where expressing an opinion calmly requires being “called out” ~ what’s next “outside, in the car park mate” lolz, and I don’t dispute anyone’s definition of music, or the instrument you use to make it, just saying this doesn’t do it for me, analogue circuitry and all……

  3. i LOVE the idea of this synth, and at $1000 it makes it a very strong contender in my mind. i absolutely love the UI, the simplicity of the OLED. 3 Osc’s ver voice is brilliant, it would be amazing if one of those Osc’s could be a noise source. gonna keep my eye on this for sure.

  4. I’m mostly worried about the longevity of the company. Very competitive space and price point. Drop a grand then in a year when you need service or OS updates they are gone…

  5. if you’ve been following the development and reception, its been quite rocky to say the least… the synth has already been released to backers and had numerous OS revisions, and yet there are still issues cropping up – in the style of “kill one bug, create another one”… which does tend to happen, but is very disconcerting given this is a one-man show – and honestly im not sure he will have the time to prove himself before desktop 8 voice analog polys become much cheaper and more available from a much wider range of manufacturers

    good luck to him tho

    1. I don’t think this has been true quite a while. Basically everything Futuresonus is doing now is feature requests. The synth has been pretty stable since August. What items are you referring to here?

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