Gecho Loopsynth An Interactive, Subtractive Synth Music Box

Gechologic has launched a Kickstarter project to fund production of the Gecho Loopsynth – a polyphonic, pocket synthesizer with interactive controls.

Instead of knobs, it has touch-less sensors that react to your fingers. It also has very sensitive microphones that hear your singing, whistling or tapping. The collected signal is fed through a group of variable-resonant filters, forming chord-progressions. At the same time, environmental noise peaks affect the filters settings, creating complexity of sounds.

Here’s a playlist of videos that introduced the Gecho:

Pricing and Availability

The Gecho Loopsynth is available to project backers in several forms, with a DIY kit for €85 and a pre-built version for €128.

10 thoughts on “Gecho Loopsynth An Interactive, Subtractive Synth Music Box

  1. I heard the child’s voice, and hit the stop button. Nothing is more lame than using kids as sales tools. It ain’t cute. It’s lame.

    1. Calm down, tough guy. Context matters. The entire purpose of the single video where it’s used is to explain, in simple terms, what white noise is by comparing it to white light.

    2. Hi, that child is my daughter – she invented the name Gecho and drawn concepts of the logo, which we later worked from. Her voice was a logical choice. I later realized it might not be ideal and replaced the video in KS with another, but looks like people continue sharing and embedding it without asking (fair play, it’s on youtube and not blocked – and I am thankful to everyone who shares our project, word of mouth is better than any advertising). I understand that in the context of the whole campaign, where subsequent videos are narrated by paid voice-over artists, this looks like a child labour 🙂 worry you not, my friend, nothing could be farther from the truth, this is a family project.

  2. I love the idea of using this as a soothing and time killing music box in the traditional sense, with programming and interaction being delightful additions! I’m on board for an assembled one with the unfinished box!

  3. Weird, as the kid’s voice didn’t creep me out or anything. But it does look fun, so I went for the assembled board and unfinished box set. My right arm isn’t that cooperative anymore for fine work like that, but I figured I’ll end up painting the box or putting stickers on it. Or both. 🙂

  4. It appears that the creator has achieved his Kickstarter goal, thanks to the recent flurry of press announcements. I look forward to seeing this come to production and into my hands in (just?) several months!

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