Roland AE-10 Aerophone v2 Offers Improved Control, New Sounds

Roland has updated the firmware for its AE-10 Aerophone Digital Wind Instrument.

AE-10 Aerophone version 2.00 offers improved lip control and new synth sounds, plus greater control of external hardware and software synthesizers.

In the video above, UK saxophonist and wind synth player Alistair Parnell uses the new features in a performance of an original song. In the following video, he explains the changes in the updated firmware:

Pricing and Availability

The AE-10 Aerophone is available now for US $799. See the Roland site for more info.

7 thoughts on “Roland AE-10 Aerophone v2 Offers Improved Control, New Sounds

  1. As a saxophone player who also plays electronic music, I was excited when this was announced on 909 Day. As someone who doesn’t have a spare $800, I was disappointed that the price point is so high…especially for something so unwieldy-looking as this. Looks like he’s blowing into a model space shuttle.

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