Ravel’s Bolero Video Song Arrangement

This video song version of Maurice Ravel’s Bolero – arranged by French composer Fabien Labonde – features contributions from 30+ musicians. 

Details below:

Coyote14, Elektron Analog Rytm, synthétiseur Minimoog
Dorian Bedel, flute
Denis Comte, basse
Olivier Doaré, guitare fretless
Nathan Bedel, marimba, batterie
V., guitare Carvin, réverb Strymon
Noémie Luxain, chant
Twinton, synthétiseur
Philou77, synthétiseur Sequential Prophet 6
Dan Tordjman, basse
Bertrand Drécourt, ukulélé
Didier Arthur Coviaux, synthétiseur Yamaha PSR-3000
David Vaisse, Moog Theremini
Grégory Erb, saxophone alto, guitare, enregistrement du marimba, de la batterie, de la flute et du saxophone alto, Mixage son définitif
Sean Bean, wintery vocals
Marc Papeghin, cor
Rénald, synthétiseur AAS Lounge Lizard EP-4
Cartman49, synthétiseur Roland V-Synth GT
Pplemoko, synthétiseur Omnisphère
Vincent Rémon, basse Vigier Arpège
Romain Greffe, synthétiseur
Charlie Glad, violon
Antoine de Mieulle, batterie Roland
Thibault de Robillard, guitare
Arnaud HJ Chipouka Aka Kunstigarn, basse
Benoît Blin, guitare
Franck Bassette, synthétiseur Yamaha
Matthieu Marchand, synthétiseur Korg Triton
Virgile Fritsch, guitare
Minouche, guitare
Raphaël Sudan, piano Fazioli
Fanny Layani, violon
Cédric Pereira, guitare
Geoffrey Courderot, saxophone ténor
Pierre Guillot, guitare
Fabien Labonde : synthétiseurs Roland et Yamaha, basses Lag et Washburn, Dübreq Stylophone, Balafon, Kalimba, Bâton de pluie, Samples, Arrangements, Mixage son et Montage vidéo

7 thoughts on “Ravel’s Bolero Video Song Arrangement

  1. Would love to know what the bass player was using at around 2:00 to make his bass sound kind of like a bowed bass. It was synthy, kind of a slow attack, perhaps with distortion or triggering a wave form of some kind. I can kind of get something similar, but like the result he got very much, and would be curious to know the signal path.

    1. Ah! Thank you! I’ll see what I can achieve with my Pod 500HD. Sometimes I play music theatre shows and was thinking it would be nice to simulate the “arco” sections.

  2. Super Awesome. I’d love to know what happened behind the scenes to make that happen and the arrangement so solid?

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