7 thoughts on “20 Korg Electribe 2 Tips & Tricks

    1. in most scenarios the FX reset on a pattern change. that makes the gap. the FX don’t reset if the FX are the same for both patterns (Master FX as well). in that case you have no gap.
      gap only means mute. gap doesn´t mean “out of sync”.
      event recordings can still not be synced as slave to incoming master midi beat clock which is s shame. it seems there are still a few issues/bugs/possible improvements:

  1. These really are great tips and useful for non electribe users to think about arrangement and tricks to use.

    I know most people make EDM and love the electribe but I’m so glad I didn’t get it now I can see how much is hidden under the menu or key combinations. The novation circuit is definitely more what I want. A sequencer and synth with a drum machine rolled in.

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