Junkie XL On The Moog Voyager XL

In his latest Gear Of The Week video, Tom Holkenborg (Junkie XL) shares his thoughts on the Moog Minimoog Voyager XL – the larger, patchable version of the Minimoog Voyager.

The Voyager XL is designed to provide a combination of the immediate playability of the Voyager, but also much of the patching flexibility of Moog’s earlier modular synths.

Details are available at the Moog site.

11 thoughts on “Junkie XL On The Moog Voyager XL

  1. Wow, intensive run through there Mr.Junkie XL.
    Routing the LFO and the pitch ribbon like that has to be unique in synth architecture,
    and having you show us how to do that is just amazing.
    The lashings of Moog Reverb and Moog Delay was the icing on the bun.

        1. Unfortunately, a lot of synthesists don’t understand the basic idea that monosynths and polysynths are designed with VERY different goals in mind.

          The DM12 comments is a perfect example of this. Experienced synthesists play music with more than one finger, too, but they don’t limit themselves to playing polysynths with them.

  2. I own one of these bad boys and it sounds AMAZING! I love Mr Junkie’s synth videos but wish he didn’t record the audio through the camera mic as it doesn’t do the synths justice. The XL is also built like a tank with solid switches and dials unlike some synths I own from other big names in digital AND analogue synth manufacturer. 🙂 So yeah, it’s expensive, but justifiably so.

  3. Another great discovery by Junkie XL showing us how to route LFO to Cutoff Frequency which is so absolutely revolutionary that he needs a six grand synth and a patch cable for it. Amazing breakthrough in synthesizer history. We can also admire the beauty of synth bass sound swamped by tons of reverb and recorded by camera microphone. And a ribbon that he actually figured out so it works. Great material, Synthopia.

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