Korg Gadget Leaps From iOS To Mac

2017 NAMM Show: Ahead of the Winter NAMM Show, Korg has announced that it is bringing its popular iOS virtual studio, Gadget, to Mac OS X.

Korg Gadget for Mac is an all-in-one music production studio. Korg’s powerful, streamlined DAW and multi-synth plugin suite for Mac offers a collection of over 30 unique instruments. You can use Gadget in standalone mode with the integrated sequencer, or as VST/AU/AAX/NKS plugins with your favorite DAW.

This means that you can use the Mac version at home and the iOS version when you are mobile, with a seamless workflow.. 



  • The Gadget For Mac collection includes all of the more than 30 gadgets.
  • Intuitive and simple operation so power users can get back to the basics, and beginners can jump right into great music making.
  • Takes advantage of the large screen with a single-window four-split (divided in four) screen design.
  • Comes with “Gadget Plug-in Collection,” a collection of plug-ins that support AU, VST, AAX, and NKS.
  • Two new gadgets provide long-awaited audio recording.
  • New powerful drum gadget with 16 pads.
  • Supports latest technologies, including Allihoopa, Ableton Link, and Bluetooth MIDI.
  • Seamless connection between KORG Gadget for iOS and KORG Gadget for Mac enables a smooth workflow so you can produce music anytime and anywhere.

Here’s the official video intro:

Pricing and Availability

Details on Korg Gadget for Mac pricing and availability will be announced when the NAMM show opens on January 19, 2017 (local time) in Anaheim, California, USA.

73 thoughts on “Korg Gadget Leaps From iOS To Mac

    1. problem is that i don`t think that the price will have anything to do with ipad gadget. Unless of course you don`t care about the price in which case i rest my case…. 🙂

  1. New gadgets perhaps? I cans see at least two new in the images. I love this app, its so easy to get inspired. Too bad my laptop is windows

  2. Finally, korg gadget getting audio recording gadgets! They just need to offer some sort of high quality controller rather than the flimsy nano thingies and we can forget about how bad the new electribes are!

  3. New audio recorder and guitar effects processor … Interesting and welcome new direction especially if these are available on iOS (which they should be because the projects are cross-platform compatible).

    1. Probably they will port it to windows later, but I imagine that this Mac only release is down to the ease of porting the code from iOS to OSX due to the system layers being identical in the 2.

    2. the have full blown apps for that already
      but if want something close, try caustic 3,,FREE for windows
      and runs on both android and IOS

    1. I’m guessing $250-350. That’s roughly the range between buying all the apps separate and buying them all plus all the IAP’s.

      1. you`re probably right. Which will make it 10 times more expensive than for ios. No i won`t be buying that. Nice gadget with cool sounds for the ipad but on computer already have live suite so don`t see the point of another “toy” when i have it already on ipad and can export directly to ableton via live set export and refine the production there.

        1. I got live too, but gadget is such easy too use, you can sketch ideas, and new patches in no time compared to live, but dont get me wrong, it won’t be as elaborated as live. I think that they will be a great pair together, especially if you can control the gadget directly from push

          1. i find gadget on the ipad for sketches and then live set export and refining in Live the best way. at least what i do. maybe there is a better way. i just believe this thing here will be expensive

    1. I got live and gadget, and i have spent much more time in gadget lately, as you can bring your ipad anywhere. And that’s where ableton is missing up, by the absence of ios live synth (unlike reason did with thor) where you could pre-made patches, and have fun while on the go.

  4. now if apple would just get on with giving us an “ipad” with osx and the guts to back it up already. taking away the touch seems counter intuitive. Mind you I will still be grabbing this…

    1. Well it says on the site aum vt etc. so if they mean it it will be many individual vsts you can use in ableton. I also estimate 400 euros now that i think of what the ” legacy” collection costs.

      1. Everybody is so euphoric and like “i am buying it!” without even knowing the price. It seems everyone earns a lot more than me. feels a bit lonely. am getting cold …. (tears on one cheek)

  5. they will need to adjust it for a mouse, it’s currently a multi touch app, maybe automation might help but gone will be the ability to fiddle with multiple knobs at the same time.

    1. You may be and I can understand many peoples reasons for doing so. However, I am not. When compared to Windows, the pros of OSX still outweighs the negatives.

  6. Instant purchase. Wonder if it will be sold through the Mac App Store?
    A bit off topic – when will Apple (Garage Band, Logic) get on board with Ableton Link? Garage Band and Gadget on iPad Pro would just about cover all my needs if they would share a common clock…

  7. If it’s sold through the Mac App Store, it’s a dealbreaker for me. Very poor experience and needs an internet connection to use the apps. I get logged out of the store once or twice every day and if that happens while I’m on the road, there’s no way to open App Store bought apps.

    1. That sounds very weird. Apps bought through Mac app store generally doesn’t need constant internet connection to be used.
      Must be something else wrong, do you have plenty of free diskspace?

  8. TakeMyMoneyTakeMyMoneyTakeMyMoneyTakeMyMoneyTakeMyMoneyTakeMyMoney

  9. Hey KORG I think you need to discount the price for the MAC OSx Gadget if you have already paid a premium for the iOS iPad version.

  10. There’s been quite a few times while working on a project inside my daw I’ve said “man I wish I had one of those gadget apps right now” …. so this is great!

  11. Gadget is great, and I am a huge fan of all of the Korg instruments and apps on iOS.

    But wait…. audio recording?!?!! Will this be coming to iOS as well?!?! 😮

  12. As people have pointed out, the iOS versions are more usable than the Mac versions because of the multitouch interface. I prefer mixing with multitouch vs. single-touch also. And the iPad provides a pretty convincing illusion of being a virtual sound module (though sadly without physical knobs in most cases.)

    Perhaps they will make versions for the Surface Studio or Dell’s horizontal touchscreen PC…. I might almost be tempted. Almost.

    1. but isn`t there some physical turn knobs-controllers that you can use on a touchscreen? i would swear i saw this somewhere though i forgot the name

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