Lunchbox Eurorack Synthesizer

This video, via Patrick O’Brien, is a quick demo of his lunchbox style Eurorack modular synthesizer.

It’s based on a conversion kit from c1t1zen Modular that lets you turn a Lunchbox into a 38HP, USB-powered case. 

Technical Details:

The Eurorack modules are all running off power from a Mophie phone charger.

Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas is the only voice in this patch, melting faces with help from Intellijel’s Quadra, wicked random triggering from 2HP Modular’s Rnd, some Dave Smith Instruments Curtis Filter, and Expert Sleepers Disting 3 with the delay.


9 thoughts on “Lunchbox Eurorack Synthesizer

  1. Nice!! And it’s appropriate that it is a BOOM BOX lunch box too!! Put actual small speakers in it and you are golden!!!

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