17 thoughts on “Aphex Twin – ‘aisatsana’ (Live Piano Cover)

  1. Waow ! 88 notes with unlimited polyphony, velocity and responsiveness, wonderful enveloppe and cross-resonance between the notes ! And no need for monitors ! That is a hell of a synth !

    (All levity aside, I love Aphex Twin’s piano work and it’s a wonderful cover)

  2. I really think Syro, at 60 somethin’ minutes, is an “album”, not an EP.
    I agree about the cover being awesome though.

  3. https://youtu.be/NJHsT8kEyzs
    I think this is the premiere of this piece. Piano swinging from the ceiling. Heard from an interview it was all about getting a doppler effect happening. Which isn’t heaps apparent in the video but it’s there.

    Cool cover too. But are there actually any FX, or is the sustain pedal just held?..

    1. It’s quite amazing to hear the resonance fade in and out after each phrase. You don’t really hear it as much when you’re playing as it’s so subtle. The close mics really pick up those finer nuances.

  4. I found this incredibly moving. I feel lucky to be living at a time when the Aphex Twin is creating music. Beautiful version.

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