Apollo MIDI over Bluetooth Updated To Version 2.0

Secret Base Design has released Apollo MIDI over Bluetooth 2.0 – an update that they say adds the keyboard from Infinite Looper, simplifies the connection process, and adds some MIDI routing features.

Incoming and outgoing MIDI can be filtered by MIDI channel, and routed to different destinations. Even if you don’t use the Bluetooth connection, the app should be a handy way to multiplex and reroute MIDI.

The iPad version supports dual keyboards, which you can set to different MIDI channels (and thus, to different synth destinations).

They add:

“We were the first folks out of the gate with MIDI over Bluetooth LE — and while Apple has added it to iOS, we’re still getting sales; I think we’re a hair faster than the Apple solution, and there’s much better support for MIDI routing configuration.”

Pricing and Availability

Apollo MIDI over Bluetooth is available now for US $2.99.

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