Sound Design With Ableton Analog

Author Rishabh Rajan has published a ‘recipe style’ ebook on designing sounds with Ableton Analog, available through the iBook Store.

Rajan is Assistant Professor, Berklee College of Music. The book has a Foreword by Dennis DeSantis, author of Making Music: 74 creative strategies for electronic music producers.

Book description:

Each of the nine chapters in this book will show you how to create contemporary sounds for the modern electronic music producer. Using screenshots from Analog and audio examples, you will learn step by step how to create nine sounds from scratch.

If you are new to Analog, an introductory video is included to demonstrate how to navigate and work the software synthesizer. No prior experience in synthesis or sound design is required but a basic understanding of Ableton Live will help.

The following are the topics for each chapter.

  • Smooth Square Bass
  • Arpeggiated Saw Bass
  • Future Bass Brass
  • Accordion
  • Hard Sync Lead
  • Organ
  • Clavichord
  • Rhythmic Formant
  • Flute Pad

2 thoughts on “Sound Design With Ableton Analog

  1. Cool, but Abes needs to update drumrack.

    Pads dont have a chromatic mode like Maschine does.

    Drumrack Macros, press a new drum pad and the macros of the new pad wont update. controls the knobs of last pad pressed, not a controller issue. Might be intentional flaw to purchase Push which handles it fine.

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