4MS Intos Tapographic Delay, Stereo Triggered Sampler Eurorack Modules

At the 2017 NAMM Show, 4MS introduced a pair of new Eurorack modules, the Tapographic Delay and the Stereo Triggered Sampler.

We talked with engineer Hugo Paris, who gave us an in-depth overview and demo of each module.

  • The Tapographic Delay is a unique audio effect module that lets you tap in patterns for echoed repeats. Delay patterns can include up to 31 repeats and can be saved. As the video demonstrates, though, it’s a very deep module, with convolution options, clocking, morphing, resonant filter effects and more.
  • The Stereo Triggered Sampler can be used as two mono samples or as a stereo sampler. It has multiple banks, each bank with up to 10 presets. Samples are stored on a removable SD card, making it easy to organize samples. You can tweak samples, apply an envelope, loop samples, create glitch and granular synth effects and more.You can record new samples at CD quality or higher rates.

Pricing and Availability

Details on the new modules are still to come at the 4MS site.


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