Roland JD-Xi Patch Editor For iPad

Chadwick Wood, creator of the Coffeeshopped Patch Base patch editor app for iPad, let us know about a new editor for the Roland JD-Xi.

The JD-Xi is the most powerful mini-key synth available, but its limited number of knobs means that patch editing can be very menu-intensive.

Here’s what Wood has to say about the new editor:

The new editor includes support for the JD-Xi’s 2 digital synths, analog monosynth, sample-based drum machine, and on-board effects and mixing.

The hundreds of parameters that the JD-Xi uses are all here, allowing for a sound design experience far beyond what’s available using the JD-Xi’s built-in controls (unless you enjoy hours of menu diving!).

ll of this control is achieved via a 5-page layout for the editor. In addition to the individual controls, many aspects of your patches can be copied, pasted, and randomized.

And as always, Patch Base allows you to store and organize these sounds on your iPad for later use, backup, and sharing.

Pricing and Availability

Patch Base is available now as a free app, but support for individual synths is unlocked via In-App purchases, which are generally $19.99/synth. The JD-Xi editor is available for 50% off for a limited time. You can find out more about the editor at the Coffeeshopped site.

If you’ve used Patch Base, leave a comment and let us know what you think of it!

7 thoughts on “Roland JD-Xi Patch Editor For iPad

  1. I don’t have this synth but I had a mininova. It sounded good but editing was a nightmare and the computer editor was complicated to get running (I don’t use DAWs). I hope I had something like this then.

  2. I recently got my Casio CZ-1000 out of storage and found that while the synth worked, the editor buttons were not responding consistently. I downloaded Patch Base and that basically made my synth usable. After I had Patch Base for awhile, a new version came out with support for the Korg MS-2000 which made me very happy since it seemed like kind of an obscure synth and I had no expectation that support would be added. Chadwick Wood, the developer, is very responsive and has helped me several times. I’m glad to see him getting some recognition here. Overall, I’m very happy with the app.

  3. how is the synth engine if you have the patience to dig into the menus (or utilize an editor)? maybe compared to the mini nova or circuit or other synths or groovebox-ish things in a similar price range?

    1. It’s the supernatural synth engine with 3 parts (waveforms) per synth voice (2). Tons of parameters! But with the Novation Circuit you don’t even have that, but you get a decent PC/Mac synth editor for the two Ultranova voices. The analoge voice is rather simple.

  4. Patch base turns the machine from a preprogrammed keyboard into what I really wanted when I bought a synth. Thank you, Chadwick.

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