Happy Nerding PanMix Eurorack Module

The Happy Nerding PanMix is a 6-channel mixer for Eurorack modular synthesizers, with manual/CV panning and volume controls.


  • 6 channel mixer with manual panning and volume for each 6 channels with dual concentric knobs;
  • Each channel has bipolar CV knob with a switch to have this CV applied to either amplitude or panning.
  • Total volume knob (L+R);
  • Headphone output;
  • 10 segments led indicators for L and R channels;
  • High quality parts for lowest noise and distortions.
  • Equal power pan law (3dB)
  • Exponential CV response for amplitude
  • Linear CV response for pan

Video Demo:

Pricing and Availability

TheĀ Happy Nerding PanMix is available for US $350 or 319 Euro.

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