Get Ready For This – The Sound Of The 90’s

This video, via SynthMania, explores some classic sounds of the late 80’s and early 90’s, including the 2 Unlimited Get Ready For This stab, and “The Loop of ’88”, from Lyn Collins’ Think (About It).

Here’s the original Get Ready For This music video:

Gear Featured:

Roland TR-909, Roland W-30

11 thoughts on “Get Ready For This – The Sound Of The 90’s

    1. Probably the best use of Think. Im old enough that this song fills me with energy. all I can think of is being 10 years old chasing girls with braces in middleschool.

  1. It lives on in legacy at least in clips played at Hartford Wolfpack hockey games in Connecticut. I wonder how many other sports venues are licensed similarly. Great hook for keeping some dough rolling in year to year I would guess.

  2. Great guy and a knowledge source for sure! glad he shares his skills and inforamtion with us. still not keen on that period of synth stuff though. The closing of 102.7 WBMX coincided with the transformation of Italo to Euro..both sad moments, but that is change i guess.

  3. Nice bit of Nostalagia,.I was intrigued to see Simmonds drum kit in the background.Now there is a bit of kit you don’t see that often.back in the mid to late 80s,My nostalgia is of listening to an older generation of drummers with 2 big moans , 1] sampled drum loops, putting them out of a job it’s not the same 2] Why did every band looking to make it HAVE to be seen with a Simmonds Drum kit….Change is good BTW. Keep them coming

  4. i thought i was going to see how the “Get Ready For This” stab was made…from which synth, which patch, etc.

    Hes sampled the stab off the record and played it on a keyboard. wow. Thrilling.

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