Rare Device Turns Nintendo Power Glove Into A MIDI Controller

This video, via studentsmusic, is a quick demo of the rare Doepfer MOGLI (MIDI Output Glove Interface) – an adapter that turns the Nintendo Power Glove game controller into a MIDI controller.

Here’s what he has to say about the MOGLI:

Mogli was an attempt (Doepfer cooperated with the Band Kraftwerk on this) in 1993, to control MIDI via a Nintendo game controller glove. Probably only about 350 were built, because the glove went out of Nintendo-production.

Here’s a basic demonstration of how it works.

Powerglove image: Evan-Amos

4 thoughts on “Rare Device Turns Nintendo Power Glove Into A MIDI Controller

  1. Rare like not many were made, or Rare like the UK Nintendo software developers OHHH SUPER NERD JOKE

    Seriously, 350 units total isn’t particularly rare in this world of only about 90 M5/M5N synths.

  2. 350 is also the likely number of surviving Power Gloves that still work.

    I used mine out in the yard to play cops and cyberpunks……

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