7 thoughts on “80’s Soundtrack Style Hardware Synth Jam

  1. Ummmm…I owned and played a JP-4 for many years. The sad truth is: when you took the chorus off, the sound suddenly resembled a cheesy home organ. Still it hadnice filters and that deep bass common to all Roland synths.
    However, IMHO, NOT one of the greatest analogs…

    1. I have one right now. Never use the chorus on it. It sounds amazing. Not saying you didn’t get cheesy home organ sounds from it, it can do that, but it also sounds really amazing. The most organic synth I own, and I own a Jupiter 8, Minimoog and a few others. I recently picked up an OBX and the Jupiter 4 is the only one that comes close in terms of a big, organic analogue sound. I would say that demo above is pretty accurate, once you add a bit of reverb. But if you want to hear what it can really do, check out the sound clips on this Blu Box review:


  2. Maybe i was a bit harsh on the old JP-4….I did get a lot out of it and it was my main instrument on stage for a while. I used the oscillating filters a lot (with no envelope) to get me an extra oscillator to beef up the sound. Pushing the lfo into audio got you some nice ring mod, bell-like sounds too. I guess I got spoiled (and broke!) when I added a Mono/Poly and a Chroma to my setup. Sadly, I don’t have any of these anymore…

  3. This is fantastic!!!!!
    I do similar music aswell. (well, in the same ballpark)
    I’m sure you must be aware of the “synthwave” trend by now?

    Head over to Synthetix FM (their .com or the FB page) and you’ll find a whole
    new audience. Not to mention a whole bumch of newer FB groups that
    cater to the new 80s resurgence.
    Then there’s Synthwave Producers group aswell.

    Do you go under any other name?

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