TT-606 Replicant Sample Pack

Replicant Sounds has introduced the TT-606 Replicant Sample Pack, a collection of 9 Cyclone Analogic TT-606 instruments, recorded at various tune / tone / decay / snappy / timbre settings, and with multiple accent settings.

The sample library also comes with versions formatted for Ableton Live, Novation Circuit, Elektron Analog Rytm and more. 


Bass Drum: 48 samples
Snare Drum: 48 samples
Low Tom: 48 samples
High Tom: 48 samples
Rim Shot: 48 samples
Hand Clap: 48 samples
Cymbal: 480 samples (yea, you read that right!)
Open High Hat: 844 samples (those 6 OH timbres really add up!)
Closed High Hat: 288 samples samples

Audio Demo:

Also includes:

Ableton Live DrumRack:
One massive multi-sampled drum rack. “Instrument select” for all instruments, and access to the various CH/OH/CY timbres all at once!

Teenage Engineering OP-1 DrumKit

Novation Circuit Kit

Elektron Analog Rytm Sample Chains: One 120 slice, full TT-606 kit chain, plus individual instrument chains:
BD: 60 slice
SD: 60 slice
LT: 60 slice
HT: 60 slice
RS: 60 slice
CP (Hand Clap): 60 slice
CY: Short – 60 slice. Long – 30 slice
OH: 30 slice
CH: 120 slice

Elektron Octatrack Sample Chains: One 128 slice, full TT-606 kit chain, plus individual instrument chains:
BD: 64 slice
SD: 64 slice
LT: 64 slice
HT: 64 slice
RS: 64 slice
CP (Hand Clap): 64 slice
CY: Short – 64 slice. Long – 32 slice
OH: 32 slice
CH: 128 slice

Pricing and Availability

The TT-606 Replicant Sample Pack is available now, with an intro price of US $7.99.

2 thoughts on “TT-606 Replicant Sample Pack

  1. Cool sounds of course. BUT, in the novation circuit pack, they did not allocate different sounds to drums 3&4, they are the same as 1&2. COnsidering there is 1900 or so samples, why didn’t they pay attention and utilise the option? – another 64 sounds would be sweet.

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