19 thoughts on “Roland System-8 Synthesizer Hands-On Demo

  1. cant help feeling roland gear would be infinitely more buyable if it didn’t have those disgusting green LED’s, its so ugly I just cant put that in my studio 🙂

    This was on my radar for this years synth purchase, I went with the deepmind.

    1. I thought I had read somewhere that the inspiration for the fascia was based on the Matrix movies.

      That said, studies by both Boeing and Airbus, and various avionics manufacturers have shown green hues to be the least fatiguing and alarming of colours for instrumentation. I’ve seen on instructional DIY’s on how to mute the colour on Gearslutz.

      1. All that color psychology doesn’t work for me. I’m red green blind, like 10 percent of the male European population. This fact is always ignored in those color studies, they life in a dreamworld were everybody is seeing the same colors.

  2. Sounds awesome. Contrary to the deepmind, the system8 sound better dry, raw, with no effects. The deepmind need a bath of fx and doubling to sound nice…

    1. The DM is great without FX, there’s a lot of analogue power in the synth way before it hits the digital FX, unlike this 99% digital synth.

      1. “a lot of analogue power […] unlike this 99% digital synth.”

        Your irrational bias is showing. Both analog and digital equipment can sound fantastic.

  3. Blue lighting is the worst because it disrupts Melotonin neurotransmitter production so keeps you awake. eg. In flurescent lights and the display panels of tablets and smart phones…. difficult to go to sleep at night !

    Red light wave soectrum is the opposite – induces calm, relaxation and sleep. eg. candle flame or fire at night.
    – that’s why brothels have red lights inside and so-called ‘Red Light District’ !

  4. Sounds awful, but I suspect it might be some combination of the original recording quality, youtube, and my earphones.

    p.s. Tried “HD” streaming – still sounds tinny and unpleasant.

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