Ultimate Patches For The Korg Minilogue Synthesizer

Ultimate Patches has released a new patch collection for the Korg Minilogue synthesizer, Ultimate Patches for Korg Minilogue Vol. 1, created by house producer Son Dexter.

The collection features ‘classic keys, rich pads, thick basses, searing leads, & special FX’.  You can preview the patches via the video above.

Pricing and Availability

Ultimate Patches for Korg Minilogue Vol. 1 is available now for US $25 (intro price, normally $39).

8 thoughts on “Ultimate Patches For The Korg Minilogue Synthesizer

  1. The Minilogue really is a nice instrument that appeals to me – though I still dream of more voices and/or module version!! It really does sound nice on chords and unisons/leads aren’t bad either. I wonder if the bandpass/highpass effect is using pulse width or possibly using the delay as a highpass filter before or after the regular lowpass? It’s interesting and useful either way, and surprisingly effective.

    Parts of these patches sound a bit flat or metallic when they should be warm, but some of them are cool and make me want to try to do similar things on other instruments.

  2. Much more versatile and characterful than I would have expected. As the previous poster says, a few more voices would make this a killer.

  3. Honestly, the presets that came with it were bad (the other ones available for free on Korg’s website are better) but I don’t understand paying for presets for this synth. It shipped with half of its banks empty for a reason. This is all about bending the circuitry to your own will, and with (almost) knob per function, it’s pretty easy to make presets. I’m learning a lot in the process, too.

  4. Selling presets is nothing new, the fact is that a lot of people just want presets. They buy the Minilogue or the OB6 to get the sounds, knobs or no knobs. Others, like me, both make presets, and buys presets. The reason I buy presets is that I find inspiration from other people sounds. I happen to sell a bank for the Minilogue (speaking of) as well (https://sellfy.com/ChrisGR), I also have lots of free sounds uploaded and more on the way. The bank in my shameless plug is the only one I’m charging for, it took better part of last year to make. I know people like it, it’s a bit different from these clean production ready packs (like the factory presets etc), covering sonic territories that would do well on s film soundtrack and similar, and people pay for a reason. It’s a good thing. I’m off to check out a Omnisphere pack I might buy right now. 🙂

  5. I have to soldier on. I have been unable to coax quite as fat a sound as is displayed in this video. I have been working for a few days on the VH Jump sound out of the Oberheim. This gives me new hope and if I don’t get it right myself, I a can at least buy the patch set.

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