SynthTech Quad Morphing VCO Kickstarter Unlocks 2 ‘Stretch Goals’, Getting Close to 3rd

The Kickstarter project to fund production of the Synthesis Technology E370 Quad Morphing VCO, described as ‘the most technically advanced Euro oscillator available”, has raised more than three times its original goal, unlocking some interesting ‘stretch goals’ along the way. 

The latest E370 prototype in a custom “Coke bottle glass” plexi laser-cut case.

The new module’s four oscillators build on the capabilities of previous SynthTech modules, the E350 Morphing Terrarium, the E340 Cloud Generator and the E330 Multi-Mode VCO.  Each oscillator features wavetables, cloud oscillators, FM and LFO capabilities and more.

The four VCOs can be individually controlled, used in a set of two pairs, or ganged in “Unison”.

Unlike the previous modules, though, the E370 will feature a TFT display, which will provide visual feedback on the module’s output, let you configure custom modulation paths, let you load custom wavetables and more.

The Kickstarter project has met two of its ‘stretch’ goals, so the module will be getting these additional features:

  • Floating VCO modulation assignments – this new feature will let you customize what MOD A/MOD B control – opening up possibilities like Z-Morphing Clouds and Z-Morphing FM.
  • Chord Mode – this mode will let the VCOs be used to generate 4-note chords from a single CV in, where the various MOD CV can select scales, intervals, progressions, etc.

The Kickstarter is also getting close to reaching its final stretch goal:

  • Thru-Zero FM – This means that the VCO will be able to reverse phase and start to increase back up in frequency once it “hits” 0Hz (unlike standard VCOs that asymptotically approach 0Hz but ‘never get there’.) This makes it possible to create FM timbres that would be impossible with traditional VCO’s.

Audio Demo:

This track features sounds from an E370 prototype, multi-tracked in Ableton Live. Reverb and mastering effects added:

Here are previews of the planned module, featuring early prototypes:

Pricing and Availability

The E370 Quad Morphing VCO is available to project backers for US $879, with an expected delivery target of Nov 2017.

10 thoughts on “SynthTech Quad Morphing VCO Kickstarter Unlocks 2 ‘Stretch Goals’, Getting Close to 3rd

  1. You guys, I’m refreshing the page like 100 times a day. I splurged on 8 voices. This is the beginning of a long relationship.

  2. This thing is already an incredible beast, but the TZFM and other stretch goals make it pretty much untouchable. Such an exciting piece of kit. Going to be absolutely over the moon when these arrive.

  3. Luckily it won’t be shipped until the end of the year. I need to figure out a way to fit this beast into my case. I’m not buying a new 3 row case.

    I’m not buying a new 3 row case.

    I am definitely not buying a new 3 row case.

    Heads sneakily to Schneidersladen –>

  4. Investing in 2 of these was prob. the easiest eurorack purchasing decision I have ever made… can’t wait until early bird month rolls around… plenty of time to scoop up enough space in my case and shift a few, now less desirable, modules…

  5. 180k reached!!! Congrats Paul!!!

    You got a busy couple of months ahead 😉

    Seriously though, happy to be part of history.

  6. I hit play on the SoundCloud inbrowser and nothing happened so I went below and started watching the video of earlier prototype. Half way through the sound cloud started playing but I had forgotten about it so i just figured it was all on the video. The two synced up very interestingly,sounded soooooper cool after I let it “sync in” a bit , at the end of video I was like all “how they doin this”, cause the videos audio kept playing…..,

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