iMPC Now Available For Android Samsung Galaxy

Retronyms today announced that iMPC is now available on the Samsung Galaxy Apps Store.

iMPC was originally released for iOS in 2012. The port is a collaboration between Retronyms, Akai Professional and Samsung.

The app offers more than 1,200 samples, 50 editable programs, 80 editable sequences and a classic MPC workflow.

If you’ve used iMPC for Samsung Galaxy, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

14 thoughts on “iMPC Now Available For Android Samsung Galaxy

  1. I installed it on my Samsung S7. After 5 minutes I already deleted the app. Absolutely unusable / unreadable on a smartphone. You need to have a large Samsung tablet to use it. What is even worse on my Samsung S7 the audio output is only to the internal speaker. No audio via a speaker or headphones connected to 3.5 mm jack plug or even bluetooth speaker. Also note before you buy it: Unlike the Google Store app where you can get your money refunded if you de-install it on time (<10 minutes?) this is not possible in the Samsung store!
    My recommendation would be not to buy it. There are much better alternatives on the market…
    Note: after installing Soundcamp of Samsung audio output is vi headphone jack is okay…

  2. I think all those Retronymous posts are almost irrelevant already. There must be better things happening in synth world.

    1. Seriously speaking, is it terrible? It’s actually one of the sophisticated apps out there. Ok, there may be some short comings but this is not a $1000 hardware. I don’t really understand why the hate for Retronyms. Maybe their first MPC app had some bugs and not fully supported. But how much was it? And how much is MPC pro on iPad. I actually think it’s even bargain if you actually, really try and find what it can do, and for the money! There are other much more disappointing apps out there and they’re not even mentioned. Maybe the name “Pro” wasn’t terrific idea for hardcore fan, tho.

      1. FYI , my experience with retronyms is it takes customer service a few days to reply, and their news blog has hiccups about once a month.
        Also tabletop has a bug with the t-pain effect, they dropped it, yet it comes up on IAP at -.–
        I would guess this is a garage type company or very small and I think most energy was to get the wej out.
        considering the shortfalls they are making some good stuff and have nice selection of products

      2. I don’t use the term terrible lightly. I’ve purchased over 60 music apps for my iPad and iPhone. iMPC PRO is objectively the worst music app I have purchased. It doesn’t function properly. It’s not worth downloading for free, let alone $9.99.

  3. This app is sh*t in all forms, pro version and otherwise. Get BM2 or Beathawk. 1000 times better than this in every way.

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