Beatmaking With A Buchla Modular Synthesizer

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via batchas, captures some beatmaking with a Buchla modular synthesizer.

Because Buchla beatmaking

Technical Notes:

Sequence with 243v set to 64 steps and another row of 8 steps for bass drum. Bass sound made with the 258v.

Direct out. No effect added, except compression in Logic.

9 thoughts on “Beatmaking With A Buchla Modular Synthesizer

  1. “Beatmaking” with a Buchla??? That’s synthesizer blasphemy. Go buy a rhythm machine if you want to make disco for robots.

  2. Buchla is the haut couture of Synthesizers, With it comes the expense and exclusivity inciting awe and admiration on one side,whilst derision and jealous contempt on the other.Techno lust is not dissimilar to a fashionistas lust,and often a matter of disposable income..Hey look at me surrounded by all my gear.What blasphemy is this? …The blasphemy that now we posses so much cheap affordable gear in multiple formats as veritable sonic audio Gods yet many are still the monkey fascinated by flashing and image ,..Having said that I really like the colours and sound of the Buchla and wish I had one,

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