VK-2 Viking Synthesizer For Reason

Blamsoft has introduced VK-2 Viking Synthesizer, a modular synthesizer for Propellerhead Reason.

All of the individual synthesis components can be freely routed. You can also just as easily use VK-2 as hardwired analog synth in the default configuration.

VK-2’s modular routing is done with displays at each controllable parameter in the device.

At the heart of VK-2 are three analog modeled oscillators. The waveforms were carefully crafted to match the 921 and Mini oscillators, without aliasing. Clean waveforms are there as well. The continuously variable shape from VK-1 is also available. There is a Linear FM input on each oscillator, and alias-free hard and reverse sync on oscillators 2 and 3.

VK-2’s filter is a classic 4-pole ladder topology. The filter is a modern Zero Delay Feedback design, with tweakable saturation, resonance compensation, number of poles, and quality.

Five high quality onboard effects are also available: Chorus, Phaser, Distortion, Delay, and Reverb. The effects can be re-ordered in any way you like. 

Here’s the official video intro:

Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability:

VK-2 Viking Synthesizer is available now, with an intro price of US $69.

8 thoughts on “VK-2 Viking Synthesizer For Reason

  1. You can have Softube Modular for this money, and use whatever amounts of osc’s, lfo’s, filters and so on, make complex modulations.

  2. Is this a for real sounding synth or just something else you can get with a couple THOR’s and a combinator? Legend was the truth but so many of those extensions can be achieved with Malstrom, subtractor and malstrom. Maybe its their sound engine that limits what developers can do.

    I HATE the demos on props site for extensions. I want to hear isolated solo sounds, not cheezy EDM songs.

  3. Played around with the demo. It’s a great synth, capable of some incredible stuff. Thick sounds and oh boy is it easy to mangle things up.

    Unfortunately it will drain your CPU pretty quick. They do have a cpu friendly folder but it all sounds like thor patches. I hope they fix the power draw because this is one great synth.

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