Behind The Scenes With Bastl Instruments

This video, via Cuckoo, is a short documentary on synth maker Bastl Instruments.

“I went to visit Bastl Instruments in February 2017,” notes Cuckoo, “and took the opportunity to shoot a documentary about them. It’s rather like a community than a company, so it wasn’t easy capturing the whole picture.”

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7 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes With Bastl Instruments

  1. very cool and seems authentic. i like all the services they provide for the local community, and how they help create that community in the first place. but towards the end of the video i was starting to think … hmmm… are there no women at all in Brno? how do they procreate?? and, bam, they roll out a girl! 😉

  2. Thanks for that one…superduperbastlpeople. and thanks to cuckoo for this insideview. i think i have to visit Brno..
    and Bastl….you love what you do.

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