Sequence for Two (Modular Synthesizer and Moog Minitaur)

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via TheKraist, captures a hypnotic Sequence for Two, featuring modular synthesizer and Moog Minitaur.

“Yesterday, I was about to sell my Moog Minitaur,” he notes. “Then I started to play around a bit and changed my mind…”

Technical Details:

The reverb on the Minitaur is an Eventide Space (Hall Mode). The melody is from Mutable Instruments Braids to a Doepfer A-106-5 and a Clouds.

5 thoughts on “Sequence for Two (Modular Synthesizer and Moog Minitaur)

    1. I have one and I love it, but there’s still too many settings that are only accessible through the software editor on a computer (like Filter KB Tracking and Glide Type for example). I’m hoping they make it accessible through button combinations like they did for VCO2 Beat Frequency and External Input.

  1. Don’t get rid of that Minitaur man, you’ll regret it down the road. I sold ALL my analog synths in 1988 for pennies on the dollar i.e. Minimoog $150.00, Jupiter 8 $400.00, etc. I was just not using them anymore, instead using the latest digital synths which was all the rage, and I was not alone, everybody was doing the same thing. Now I regret selling the stuff bigtime, and I cannot afford to buy my stuff back. I too bought a Minitaur last year (also three Mother-32’s, a Voyager, MS-20m, Minilogue, and Arp Omni) and though I haven’t completed any meaningful work with any of em yet, this time I’m holding on to em till the end ????

  2. Always loved the Minitaur. The ENV is quick and the versatility you can ring out of it with such a small footprint is excellent. I’ve probably made 300+ presets for it. Some are online at the Moog shop. Great music and vibe on this piece too. Well done.

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