Moog Discontinues Minimoog Voyager XL, The Modular Minimoog

Moog Music today announced that it is discontinuing the Minimoog Voyager XL, the modular Minimoog.

The Minimoog Voyager XL extended the sound engine and capabilities of the Minimoog Voyager with more than three dozen patch points, letting you use the keyboard as a standard monosynth, a standalone modular or as the heart of a larger modular system.

Here’s what Moog has to say about retiring the last of the Voyagers:

The Minimoog Voyager family of synthesizers holds a special place in our hearts–the Voyager was the final synthesizer that Bob Moog designed from start to finish and the culmination of his life’s work; his DNA runs through the circuits of this family of instruments, which includes the Voyager, Voyager RME, Voyager Old School, and Voyager XL.

The XL is the last member of this family currently in production, and as of today, we are announcing its official discontinuation.

Introduced in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Minimoog Model D’s release, the Minimoog Voyager XL combines the heart of the groundbreaking Minimoog Voyager with a patch bay, informed by the original Moog modular systems.

Since its release in 2010, the Minimoog Voyager XL has made its mark in film scores, sound design, on platinum records, and on stages the world over. Artists and producers ranging from Trent Reznor to Kanye West have used the legendary warmth and versatile patchability of the XL to craft their unique sound.

The $4,995 Minimoog Voyager XL will be available in limited quantities as Moog wraps up production and as its retailers sell existing stock. See the Moog site for more info on the keyboard.

27 thoughts on “Moog Discontinues Minimoog Voyager XL, The Modular Minimoog

  1. After lot of moogerfoogers went discontinued last year, module 500 this year, moog catalog is really thin… I hope it’s because they prepare new things.

      1. Definitely the best looking synth I have ever seen. The days of the 5u style synths and pedals appears to be over with Moog. I expect a nice dose of Euro styled gear.

  2. 2024. Moog re-released the legendary Voyager Minimoog XL for just US$15.000 in limited quantities. Moog was able to find the original parts to make this available for people looking for the authentic sound and feel of the Minimoog Voyager as an alternative for the Voyager plugout version released for the Roland System 12 modular which was released in 2018. The Voyager supports Sysex patch loading,CC control and a lot of modular I/O which are great new features compared to the original Minimoog.

  3. It makes sense. The market was probably saturated with Voyager XLs. Anyone who wants one now can easily find one used. The price for those had been going a bit down but I expect they’ll stabilize or go a bit up. It’s a mighty fine instrument and one I’d love to have in my collection but I settled for the Sub37 and put the rest of the money into eurorack.

    The Sub37 has been a great seller for Moog as has the Mother 32 so I don’t think revenues will be drying up any time soon but I’m sure they have something else in the works and will probably introduce it this summer. Their next offering could tell a lot about the direction the company is headed.

    1. Agreed. When they discontinued in 2015 RMEs fell to about $1500. It was a great time, but now they’re back up to over $2500. Funny how the market will fluctuate.

  4. End of an era, or is it? Does the product life end when the last one is produced or when the last one is sold? The Little and Slim Phattys were discontinued in 2014 yet can still be found new. Depending on backstock Voyagers may still be available when the next high end Minimoog or whatever is released, even if it’s years out.

  5. Great Synth, no words, but this is a synth for people who have really everything else and dont know where to put more and more and more money…

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