Hex Inverter Intros New Mutant Drum Module For Eurosquawk Synths

Hex Inverter today introduced a new module, the Mutant Chicken, that they say ‘builds on the legacy of the Mutant Drums series and brings something revolutionary to the audio technology market.’

Here’s the official intro video:


  • All-analog Squawk Sound Engine
  • No microcontrollers or digital emulation present; the Mutant Chicken actually chooches a real chicken for that pure, analog tone!
  • Just like the other Mutant Drums, there is a eurorack-compatible Trigger input to activate the chicken. Longer gate durations mean longer squawks.
  • A hi-fidelity mic capsule buried in the depths of the chicken’s body captures all of this analog warmth and amplifies it up to modular-levels for processing through your eurorack system at the SQWK OUT jack.
  • Pneumatically-driven for maximum power; a massive tank means you should never run out of Squawk energy.
  • The Mutant Chicken features 9 watts of voltage-controlled LED power for sensory feedback! A custom driver circuit takes Eurorack level signals and converts them into up to 300 lumens of radiant luminosity.
  • New Old Stock analog opto-isolator (vactrol) technology adds that distinctive analog slew to the Brilliance CV, while also protecting your modular system from complete destruction.

Here’s a behind the scenes look at the making of the Mutant Chicken:

The new module is tailor-made for the nascent ‘Chicken House’ genre.

Here’s Chicken House pioneer Nick Kwas doing it old-school style:

Details on tne new module are available at the Hex Inverter site.

12 thoughts on “Hex Inverter Intros New Mutant Drum Module For Eurosquawk Synths

  1. This is one of those things I didn’t know I needed until I heard it. It’s kind of hard to imagine ever getting tired of those tones.

    However, I don’s see myself ever getting into the eurorack format, I NEED them to come out with an AU plug of this!! They claim that it is pure analog, but they seem to be doing some bit-crushing under the hood– so ultimately a digital model would probably work.

    One gripe is that rubber GUI thing. My studio space is cramped as it is. Couldn’t they just make that a user-option. I really don’t need that kind of visual feedback– and my audience doesn’t need it either.

    I guess I could wait another 20 years for the feature-stripped Behringer clone to come out.

  2. shut up and take my money for this affordable beast of a monster module. i thought i had everything after i purchased the mutant rimshot, but this changes everything. generations of producers will look back on this day and be able to pinpoint exactly when we entered the next level

  3. I’m building my own using free range chicken from the neighborhood. It’s the only way to get that fresh sound

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