FSOL Digitana SX-1 Synthi Expander Sneak Preview

Digitana Electronics – a company that specializes in custom interface modules for classic Electronic Music Studios (EMS) synthesizers, like the Synthi A, AKS and VCS3 – shared this sneak preview of their new SX-1 synthesizer:

The SX-1, above, is a ‘stand alone expander’, based around the Synthi AKS KS Expander. It is the result of ongoing collaborations between Digitana Electronics and The Future Sound of London.

The SX-1 shares all the features of the Synthi AKS KS Expander, but requires no Synthi to use it and in addition offers a host of new features.

The FSOL:DIGITANA SX-1will be on display at Superbooth 17, being held April 20-22, 2017, in Berlin.

Details are available at the Digitana site.

2 thoughts on “FSOL Digitana SX-1 Synthi Expander Sneak Preview

  1. Still stoked on this. I hope it’s not freakishly expensive though. Of course I don’t expect Behringer or even Korg prices but I’ll be bummed if it’s really out of reach. Also excited for the HALia.

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