10 thoughts on “Jamming At 2000 Volts With The “It’ll Kill You 5000”

  1. That Deadly5000 makes sweet sweet gorgeous sounds of clicks electricity. Gonna sample them off this video.

    And…I’m not going to buy one for fek’s sake! There’re so many ways I could kill me: electrocution >> heart attack; electrocution & BBQ, burns body to crisp, thus identifiable; sets fire to my studio/home/myself; burns me by touching the damn thing; trip on cables and fall on top of it; it would definitely kill me within a week after owning one. Who’s going to take care of my cat?

  2. What, no disclaimer from the editor saying “don’t try this at home, kids! This is a, umm, trained professional”. Well, ok. Don’t try this at home! It is very doubtful that there are 2000 volts involved here, more like 220 or so. But that is enough to put you in the hospital… or the morgue. Sorry to be a biddy about it. But that aside, it was a very entertaining video! I know ya gotta grab people by the short and curlies to get their attention these days. But legally, CYA! 😀

      1. the transformers in microwaves step up the voltage and lower the current, they usually have a ratio of 1 to 15 or one to 25…. meaning 250 volts becomes…. closer to 5000 or 6000 volts

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