New Virtual Instrument, Hexagon Sky, Inspired By Boards Of Canada

SampleScience has introduced Hexagon Sky – a sample-based plugin instrument, inspired by the sound of Boards Of Canada, Com Truise, Lone and Tycho.

The instrument plugin includes 101 preset sounds, including analog synthesizers tones, acoustic instruments sampled from public domain documentaries, plus various pads, strings & ethereal atmospheres. Also included are sampled guitar, bell and electric piano sounds.

In order to get a more lofi sound the plugin has a set of vinyl, cassette, VHS and tape noise background noise knobs. Two field recording oscillators feature various atmospheres, from kids in a schoolyard to wolves howling in the night.

Hexagon Sky is available as a VST/AU plugin instrument for both Windows & Mac OSX.

Audio Demos:

  • 101 sounds inspired by Boards Of Canada, Tycho, Lone & Com Truise.
  • 4 sound layers engine for a rich, deep sound.
  • LFO depth & rate controls/destination and source selectors.
  • 4 background noise layers: Vinyl, VHS, Tape & Broken Cassette.
  • Individual output for each sound layers.
  • Sub oscillator.
  • Global reverb, pitch and velocity curve.

Pricing and Availability

Hexagon Sky is available now for US $29.99.

8 thoughts on “New Virtual Instrument, Hexagon Sky, Inspired By Boards Of Canada

  1. I loved the demos and the price is reasonable, but the website offers very little additional information about how it works. For example, can the user import their own samples?

  2. Just downloaded this and appears I can’t open the provided .mse files in Logic X on a Mac.

    Anyone know why I can’t open in Logic?

    1. Let me know if you figure it out. Sound like a cheap good vst. I plan on having it in my VIP library if it ends up working for you.

  3. As an expert on how to copy their sound (digiphex electronics) I can safely say that this is not even in the realm of what they do. Don’t get me wrong though, this is certainly not bad on its own, in fact, I quite like it. It is just nothing like BOC.

  4. Imo Retcon by Audiowarp is the only synth library that manages to capture their sound. This doesn’t even come close.

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