Moog Profiles The Haxan Cloak

Moog Music shared the second in their Sonic Origins series, a video featuring Bobby Krlic, aka The Haxan Cloak.

Video Summary:

Bobby Krlic approaches music and composition from a place of primal perception. Performing under the name The Haxan Cloak, Krlic crafts haunting soundscapes by harnessing the power of shifting air molecules into brooding, undulating waveshapes.

Shortly after co-producing Goldfrapp’s Silver Eye, the British synth mystic takes us into his Los Angeles home studio and weaves new aural patterns into a track called “Transposition #4”. During breaks on his balcony, he reflects on the sonic origins that have shaped his artistic identity, “the golden thing” that makes the goosebumps come, and the amniotic bliss of low frequency sounds. Watch the video for an intimate perspective on one synthesist’s roots and process.

“I set up the [synths] as such so one was Bass and then the other two were playing counterpoint melody lines. One sequence was seven notes, one was eight, and the Bass was a repeating seven-note pattern changing every four bars; I think this gave the piece comforting fluidity that was at the same time unpredictable.”

You can listen Transposition #4, featured in the video, below:


15 thoughts on “Moog Profiles The Haxan Cloak

  1. with buzz words like primal perception,
    why can he not just showcase his music with out all the marketing spill.

    i would of respected him more as a artist if he had not just tried to b.s everyone!!!

    wait till i get my behringer moog clone ,these lame artists promoted by moog are gonna be wiped off the planet ..

    1. true, i prefer buzzwords like “affordable”, “built like a tank”, “monster”, “beast”, “analog” etc.

  2. As usual the comments here demonstrate how jealousy runs rampant. You combine this with promoting some questionable people, and I think thats indicative of the jealous greedy mentality I see in the new analog boom. I find it funny how the people who complain about trendiness seem to be pretty knowledgeable about what they claim to be against. Anyone who’s music you don’t personally like is a fraud or a hipster or whatever insult. It’s a better look to put down the phone and actually do something noteworthy yourselves instead of hating on this guy. I look forward to hearing all your new albums but I’m sure I’ll get defensive comments and righteous rage from “professionals breaking new ground” instead

    1. It appears it’s the press release people have a problem with. “Amniotic bliss of low frequency sounds.” Seriously?

      Musician and comedian Martin Mull (“Jesus Christ Football Star”) observed that “Writing about music is like dancing about architecture.” While not entirely true when excessive marketing hyperbole is added to the mix, it sure doesn’t help. And a sentence like “harnessing the power of shifting air molecules into brooding, undulating waveshapes” convinces me the copywriter is less interested in selling Krlic and more interested in finishing the science fiction novel on their hard drive.

      That said, Krlic’s work as Haxan Cloak is excellent and I appreciate the insight into how he creates his songs.

      1. Then these guys should be pointing their claws at the writer of the press release – not the artist.

        i mean it’s a little ridiculous that every time there’s an artist who isn’t Tangerine Dream or JMJ all the readers here do is get jealous and lash out. It’s a joke

    2. Exactly, why do some musicians have such a hard time appreciating poetic language when poetry is so closely linked to music in rhythm, emotion and energy? Using technical language to describe sound is pointless when both music and poetry speak to the emotional nature of people.

  3. If you remotely doubt the quality of Haxan you’re completely insane.

    Go see him live and then come back with your report.

    1. i question his use of bs marketing words to sell his music,when the music should speak for itself and need not bs marketing..
      be real,keep it real.
      or become shia labeouf ..

      the choice is yours alone to make…take ty-unwin successfull but real…
      if you cannot relate to the masses anymore you have just become a chump…and need to self reflect for awhile..

      1. 1. Unlikely he wrote any of those words
        2. His music is already extremely well established
        3. You choose to watch a marketing video. That’s on you

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