Polyend SEQ MIDI Step Sequencer Hands-On Demo

Polyend shared this hands-on demo of their new SEQ MIDI Step Sequencer.

The Polyend SEQ offers 32 steps, 8 polyphonic tracks, 256 pattern storage – all enclosed within a high-quality aluminum and wooden housing.

Here’s an earlier demo of the SEQ, from Polyend founder Piotr Raczynski at Superbooth 16:

Here’s a demo from the 2017 NAMM Show of the SEQ step sequencer working with Poly, their polyphonic MIDI/CV converter Eurorack module

Pricing and Availability

The Polyend SEQ is available to order now, with shipping expected to begin in May 2017.

10 thoughts on “Polyend SEQ MIDI Step Sequencer Hands-On Demo

    1. my feeling too – I would love one but you know – I could get a new laptop and an ipad for the same money as it….

  1. From memory this only sequences drums, not notes…? Oh they fixed that…. well that’s definitely more attractive… but it’s a lot of desk space and a lot of money…

    Plus I don’t see chaining as an option… their website is really light on the details… if it can chain, and if you can load patterns to play next on the fly, then I’ll start saving.

    1. Yes, we added couple of note related options (pitch, length, modulation)
      Chaining is also on the way. Next firmware update should include it.
      Loading patterns – you will have 2 options:
      – load on the fly (double click) or
      – load after the last step of sequence

  2. Music gear makers are ruthless when pricing gear !
    at any rate, looks cute and useful for modular community ..
    Look Ma buttons !
    I pre-ordered deluge .
    Cheers !

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